Malaysia’s Creeping Fascism–azril-mohd-amin

A. Kugan is not the point. His race is not the point. His criminality is not the point. What is the point, is a bedrock fundamental of democratic process, the total and inviolable SEPARATION of enforcement, judgment, and punishment.

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Defending the Prophet (saw) and his blessed supporters and lovers

From a dear brother:

“…I have a query, perhaps the answer of this is too obvious, but my heart is burdened, what should one do when one sees people disparaging the rank of the beloved messenger of Allah, may the perfect peace and blessings of Allah be upon him for as long as Allah exists, or making mockery of the lovers of the prophet, may Allah be well pleased with them and swell their ranks? As a lay-brother, I can bare to remain quite on many issues, but not on this one, of course I hope my actions always remain within the bounds of proper courtesy. What is proper for me to do? Speak a few words, or remain quite and allow them to defile and pollute the minds of others?

(I am not talking about the unintentional slip ups of scholars or aspects related to the Deobandi-Breliwi scenario, or deliberate time-wasting scholastic arguments – this question is asked away from all that, detached.)…”

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The Plague Of Sin

Is sin a modern plague? Not really. Many philosophers have observed that the quantum of sin and evil is more or less constant throughout history. Even some verses of Al Qur’an hint that a “demand” for the Day of Judgment would find ALL human souls in a state of unspeakable REMORSE for our sins.

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Do Muslims Need Democracy?–azril-mohd-amin

As one of the local rulers was passing by in a parade on TV, a wonderful fanfare was playing in the background. Now, a good fanfare has all the feeling of pomp and splendour that we associate with royalty. It helps us to understand the FUNCTION of royalty. Above all, such a fanfare makes us feel very glad to HAVE a royalty.

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The Alchemy of Happiness

‘He, therefore, is a wise and prudent man, who, after morning prayer, spends an hour renewing his own spiritual reckoning, and says, “My soul, you only have one life; no moment that has passed can be recovered, and in God’s mind the number of your breaths has been set down and cannot be increased. When life is done, no spiritual highways will hold the traffic of your freighted soul, therefore what you would do, you must do now; so treat this day as if your life were spent, and this, an extra day, was granted you by special favor of Almighty God. What folly greater than to lose this chance?”

– Selection from Al-Ghazali’s Alchemy of Happiness, interpreted by Javez L. Van Cleef

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Making Sense Of Draconian Acts

Malaysia is a law-abiding country. We are a country which respects the rule of law and its just application to all citizens under our Federal Constitution and our Islamic guiding principles. In cases of perceived conflict between federal law and Islamic law, Muslims always have the option of choosing the syariah courts to resolve their difficulties.

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