How Long Before We Break?

No community of well-meaning people can long endure with any small segment of themselves perpetrating mindless violence, no matter what the pretext. No healthy community should even tolerate such behavior. Continual eruptions of violence gradually erode the spiritual equivalent of the myelin sheath that protects our most sensitive nerve pathways until every small motion or gesture becomes excruciatingly painful, and “pain management” becomes impossible for a long time.

Is this what our “mujahideen’ brothers are doing to us? Already, Masjid India in KL had not one single word to say about the Mumbai massacre. The denial at the first congregational Friday prayer after the massacre was total. That indicates a serious danger, the “it-can’t-happen-here” syndrome, which has already been the style of UMNO governments for decades. If you traumatize the nerve-sheath enough times, you will one day awaken in terrible pain without any means of healing short of time and isolation. And then you have to live with that pain.

Mumbai was my personal threshold. My mind is now saying that it CAN happen here. Not only have the Indian security forces appeared on TV to be completely incoherent on the matter, a bunch of bumbling fools, who is to say our own Malaysian forces are not equally incompetent? The multi-tiered security of the Taj Hotel had been in place for several years. It was lifted ten days ago, since nothing had happened. And people died. The attackers knew, of course, the day the security precautions were lifted. And so they moved like vultures devouring the dead.

The attack was very well coordinated. Had I read a description of such an attack in a spy novel, I would have said it wasn’t credible. “Terrorists” cannot execute such complicated strategies with any degree of success. It can’t happen here.

Eyewitnesses have stated that there was no hesitation, no human feeling, and no remorse at all from the attackers. This is symptomatic of severe criminal psychosis. There is no regret, no conscience, and no “affect” as the psychologists would say, as they indiscriminately slaughtered innocent people. Faces and feelings were totally dead. And these were our Muslim brothers.

It is people such as these who may one day obtain plutonium or the plutonium bomb, and then the human race will finally reap the rewards of “Oppenheimer’s sin”. After Robert Oppenheimer successfully designed the first atomic bombs to defeat Hitler and the Japanese, the entire race became aware of something entirely new in human history, the consciousness of the possibility of their species destroying themselves in an instant, or else after the lingering horrors of radiation poisoning. And this may come from the stupidity of politicians, or possibly even from some deranged Muslims.

Oppenheimer himself did penance. He begged his colleague Edward Teller, who was supported by the US government, to immediately stop developing the hydrogen bomb, whose power could never, in Oppenheimer’s opinion, be controlled or compensated. In return for his heroic efforts and sincere regrets, the US government simply stigmatized him and cut him off from any further employment. And now we have our own Muslims telling us that since India has “the bomb”, then Pakistan must have it. And what happened?

Pakistani scientists have been selling nuclear technologies to Libya, North Korea, and others, to develop it themselves. Iran so far has stated its categorical rejection of using nuclear weaponry against anyone, since such use involves contamination of the cruelest sort to the human gene pool and therefore all future generations. Yet look how hard the USA is pushing. Who knows WHAT is happening? Will Israel “go in”? Sheikh Imran Hosein, Trinidad scholar, says yes, they will. It is all, he says, part of the End of Time.

We now see these bumbling Indian security people, not able to speak to the media with even a single complete sentence, unable to comprehend that lifting security arrangements outside the Taj Hotel might have been a really stupid mistake. And THESE are the people who have control of India’s nuclear weapons.

Oops, sorry, we didn’t MEAN to annihilate anyone. We didn’t MEAN to cause unbelievable agony to people, or their families, or their children, who were simply going about their business. “That’s alright. We forgive you.” Did anybody apologize or accept their culpability?

A teacher friend asked his Thai English students their opinions about the present stand-off between the Thai government and the army, who are presently refusing to attack Thai people demonstrating in Bangkok airports, doubtless costing Thailand incredible amounts of money. The students were unanimous. What they wanted was PEACE. What they did NOT want was a war between the army and the government.

Ask your friends. Who is to blame for the Mumbai massacre? Palestine? George Bush? Freedom fighters? They will all blame someone. And yet, what IS Muslim culpability? “Culpable homicide” is a crime committed when your actions – or inactions – directly make possible the death or deaths of others. As I said to my friend, Muslims everywhere should throw themselves on the Mercy of Allah swt immediately, asking forgiveness for any responsibility our people, or ourselves, may have in this massacre.

After all, it was mainly our Palestinian brothers AND SISTERS who introduced the world to general policies of suicide bombing, followed by bin Laden, and supported by such so-called “scholars” as the Sheikh of Al Azhar. Now all these “crazies” are coming out of the woodwork.

And we may be to blame, perhaps even more so than Robert Oppenheimer. When two hundred Japanese air force flyers committed suicide by flying into a large American naval fleet at the end of World War Two, the debate in Washington was decided. “The bomb” would be dropped and enemy civilians would be annihilated, since you cannot defend against a people who wage war by means of mass suicide.

Can any among us be sure that we are NOT culpable? On this ground alone, we may have forfeited any right to invite others to embrace our religion. And we may have forfeited any right to exemption on moral grounds from what the military powers may do in self-defense.

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