The Jihad For Muslim Identity

There was at one point where we had some unidentified jihadis killed in Mumbai, and were having trouble finding gravesites. There are those, among Muslims as well as among others (likely the US government), who wish the Muslims to disavow these jihadis.

They do not wish to see their religion “besmirched”. Yet no one among the Muslims is raising the question of culpability of the entire Ummah in this massacre. The basic question for Muslims would be (if anyone were brave enough to ask it), “Are these nine terrorists or freedom-fighters?”

They have been tentatively linked to Pakistani Kashmir. Hindu Kashmir has been embroiled in yet another life-or-death struggle with the Indian government who wish to make what we would call a “waqf grant” of Muslim land to form some sort of Hindu pilgrimage place.

Kashmir is another of these Muslim-majority areas that has been “divided-and-conquered” by westerners drawing borders for that purpose, and without asking the residents what they might wish. Did the Mumbai jihadis arise in response to this situation?

Or was it the visit of an Israeli general to Hindu Kashmir a few months ago? Unfortunately, we have no acknowledgement of intent from the jihadis. We do not know on whose behalf they might claim to be “freedom-fighters”, rather than terrorists.

Muslims themselves have been traumatized yet again as to their basic identity. Calls to Indonesian families prior to a projected visit there reminded me of the ID-confusion that has been carefully cultivated in that country. A social stigma has been built up against “fanatics”. And then, Muslims who declined to share their holidays with the powerful resident Christians are immediately labeled “panatik”.

Malaysians themselves are labeled “panatik” by many Indonesians, and it is obvious that the struggle to maintain the INTEGRITY of our identity as Muslims is on-going here.

This is the REAL meaning of the two recent “fatwas”, one against young women dressing like men (tomboy-ism), and one warning against the dangers of practicing yoga when it comes close to the borderline of “haram”. From the point-of-view of Islamic identity, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with these two fatwas.

The outcry from many Muslims against them is very discouraging. Their intention is not to destroy businesses based on teaching yoga exercizes, nor is it to insult the resident Hindu population. Nor is it to stop Muslims from guarding their health.

The intention of these fatwas is to protect Muslim identity and belief in a fast-globalizing world, in which so many pagan and borderline-syirik practices try to make us all alike. The secular powers are trying to force us into a one-world religion, crying “All religions are the same!”

They are not, as Muslims should know full well. There are numerous Hadith directly from the prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.), concerning the urgency of DIFFERENTIATING ourselves from the people of other religions.

Men’s beards and women’s public modesty, as well as other practices in personal hygiene or practices of our worship, make us distinctively Muslims. Our call-to-prayer, which was adopted only after rejection of ringing bells, like the Christians and Hindus, was revealed in a “true dream” of one of the Prophet’s companions (r.a.).

This single dream has reverberated down through the centuries, unchanged and unchanging in inspiring the believers to gather together to pray in the mosque, or at least to pray in their homes at the appropriate times. Here in Malaysia nowadays, there are vast areas where this azan cannot be heard.

The entire city of Jakarta, a far poorer place, literally sings with the prayer calls five times in every single day, and no one, except perhaps in Chinese areas downtown, can escape this reminder to remember our Creator as we have been ordered to do. The function of the prayer-call is aesthetic, not didactic. Its unique purpose is to move us, body and soul, to PRAY, no matter what we may be doing.

There is a Hadith that clearly states the “End of Time” will be near when men and women begin dressing and looking like each other. It doesn’t take much to maintain this gender difference. All we lack is the will to do it. Yet it actually seems to take a type of jihad to resist western pressure to open the aurats of our women, which they label as “oppressed” by dressing so much more modestly than their own women.

One way the cultural saboteurs of the Ambon area of Indonesia provoked religious riots was reported to me by a Jakarta Imam after he had visited the trouble-spot. If he had not reported his personal witness of one of these events, I would not have believed them possible. Here is how to start a murderous riot between Muslims and Christians.

You enter a Muslim household forcibly, take a teenage daughter out into the street, and strip her naked while chanting “Demi Yesus Kristus”, or “in the name of Jesus”. The Jakarta Imam actually witnessed this. If someone did that to my daughter, I would stop at nothing to reprimand them. And so, I suspect, would anybody else.

And it evidently takes a social jihad to stop the men from becoming homosexual, as are so many Malays, Indonesians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Arabs. And who promotes the homosexual lifestyle most actively in today’s world? The USA, whose espousal of homosexual “families” now goes right on up to their vice-president under the discredited Bush administration.

Again, this is the secular attempt to completely destroy our identity as Muslims, and to replace it with their own “laundered” social currency, which refuses to admit any form of guilt against the Laws of God. Those secular whites, American and European alike, will very often tell you that the concept of “sin” is old fashioned. Therefore, we Muslims are old fashioned, out-of-date.

This attempt to discredit the of Judgement (Yaumul Qiyamah), and our belief in it, is yet another malicious swipe at our identity as believing Muslims. When we are called up from our graves on the Day of Judgment, by those trumpets and drums described in the Qur’an and the Bible as well, do we not wish to stand before our Creator as Muslims? If so, we had better STOP diluting and corrupting our identity as Muslims while here on earth.

We had better stop re-writing Qur’an and Sunnah to suit our convenience or modern trends, and we had better thank Allah swt that we live here in a country in which that battle is also enjoined, in our name, by both Muslim and government leaders. Indeed, we should pay full respect to the Muslims among us, including the National Fatwa Council, who are struggling to defend our identity as Muslims.

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  1. Another reminder from the Quran itself that we ARE different and most Muslims forget is Surah Al-kafirun (109) (the 4th QUL):

    Bismillahirrahman Nirrahim
    In the Name of ALLAH Most Gracious Most Merciful

    Qul ya aiy yuhal kafirun
    Say”O you people who reject Faith!”

    Laa A’budu ma ta’budun
    “I do not worship what you worship”

    Wa laa antum ‘abidu nama ‘a’bud
    “Nor will you worship what I worship”

    Wa la ana’a bidumma abad tum
    “And I will not worship
    What you have been used to worship”

    Wa laa antum ‘abidu namaa ‘a’bud
    “Nor will you worship what I worship”

    Lakum diinukum waliyadin
    “To you be your way, and to me (be) mine”

    It is not merely in identity that we differ, it is also in the very fundamentals of idealogy and worship. The way our scholars decide on an edict differs from how others do, therefore how can you even begin to compare. We do not base our arguments merely on common sense and rationale, we base it on the Quran and Sunnah.

    For those Muslims who ridicule the fatwas without true knowledge of the nas, I caution you, be careful what you say, as it is ALLAH’s laws that we are talking about. NOT man-made laws..If you feel the scholars are wrong, by all means, present your nas to support your case and may ALLAH reward you in the hereafter.. Otherwise, err on the side of caution…

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