The Curse of Homosexuality

Not one single Muslim who prays for the soul of the Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) and his progeny every day can possibly be anything OTHER than a “homophobe”. “Phobia” means an aversion or fear of something. It was the homosexuals that the Angels of Allah swt were going to warn, when they stopped at the abode of Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) in disguise. Ibn Arabi explains their disguise to us, calling them “theophonic angels” – angels carrying messages to humans by being disguised as humans themselves. They stopped at the abode of Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) to give him the news that he would soon be blessed with two sons who would become the spiritual exemplars and prophets of all future generations, Ishmael and Ishak.

Closely linked with this message of future prosperity to Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) and his children was the next stop on the angels’ itinerary, which was to warn the neighbors of Prophet Lut (a.s.) that they would soon be severely punished if they did not stop their homosexual lifestyle. And so they were. Their futures were erased.

Why should we not fear and despise homosexuals who at any moment may bring upon us the total extinction of themselves and those “neighbors” who tolerate them, such as Prophet Lut’s wife? How much clearer can Al Qur’an be?

Did some sort of genetic or medical excuse exempt these people of Prophet Lut (a.s.)? Such an explanation can only be understood as part of the secular agenda is at its most insidious. We are made to feel guilty, we are made to feel as if WE are the misfits, for criticizing the homosexuals.

Two photos of angelic looking young people recently appeared in the “Star” newspaper here in Malaysia, with the captions, “Why do you want to hurt us?” What ARE they talking about? Who is hurting whom? It is THEY who put us all in mortal danger, THEY who have the potential to hurt us all.

A lecturer of our acquaintance at a local university protested that he was required to teach a number of overt (read: PROUD) homosexuals in his classes. He assigned one of his students to carry out an investigation of male homosexuality in the university hostels. The student was “wired”, as they say in spy novels, i.e., the cassette recorder was hidden on his person as he interviewed homosexuals and cross-dressers about their lifestyles, their closets full of women’s clothing, their pride in their freedom, and so on.

The lecturer took this tape directly to the Vice Chancellor, who, like all vice chancellors, had a reputation as a very good Muslim. The result? The lecturer received a letter of instant termination. Nothing at all happened to the homosexuals. Fortunately, this lecturer was able to stand his ground and hold on to his employment, with a little help from local royalty, who, without raising the sexual issue, argued that the lecturer’s human rights were being abused. Nevertheless, the lecturer soon voluntarily left this particular university.

Let us move over to one of the Arab Muslim countries. Another acquaintance who must remain nameless (for reasons that must be obvious by now) reports that, on the elevator to his room in the all-male hotel where he had been accommodated while his office looked for a flat, the Arab men kept gently bumping into him for no apparent reason. When he mentioned this to one of his royal friends, he was informed that this is how the Muslim males in the region propositioned each other, to practice what they called “social masturbation”, so that it would not go against the law forbidding homosexuality.

When this same hapless outside Muslim visited the large family of his Arab friends, he noticed one quite fat fellow smoking endless cigarettes and with body language exactly like a homosexual. Later, he asked his close friend FROM THIS SAME FAMILY who this guy was, and was told frankly that he was the “family poof”, whose duty was to make himself available to all the young men of the family who had no access to women until they were formally married.

And now certain parties in Malaysia have threatened public violence if a new law against tomboy dressing among the Muslims is enacted. What ARE they talking about? Surely, Malay Muslims who have the constitutional leadership of this great country may regulate the behavior of their own people as they wish. Will Muslims threaten public violence if Hindu women paint their foreheads with those little spots in public? Did they complain when they saw the Chinese establish a huge gambling casino on top of a nearby mountain, which was embroidered with various “family entertainments” around its periphery? Perhaps they should have, but no, they didn’t.

When families abdicate responsibility for guiding their Muslim young, the government and the Ulama must do it. There is clear warning from among the Hadith of our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) that even masculine-style dressing among Muslim women must be forbidden, should we wish to maintain the purity of our status as Muslims, supposedly “the best among peoples”.

Whether the secular world has infected Muslims with their “liberal human rights” tolerating the gays of both genders is not entirely clear. This seems to be a universal problem, as the above references to homosexuality among the Muslims makes clear. Nevertheless, we Muslims have something called Revelation, upon which we stake our lives.

This Revelation is coming directly from our Creator, and th religion says that homosexuals WILL BE PUNISHED. No one can dispute this judgment, for judgment it unashamedly is, and still call themselves “Muslim”. Every sane Muslim parent should be willing to do everything in his or her power, with or without government assistance, to protect their daughters from this punishment, or from coming anywhere close to it. May Allah reward those who are holding to the immutable Qur’anic Law in passing this law, and enforcing it with the utmost support from Muslim parents and elders. Insya Allah.

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