On leadership and democracy


“DEMOCRACY” popularized by the West is NOT the democracy established by Rasulullah (s.a.w.) in his time. After his demise, the monarchists (now called Shi’ite Muslims) insisted that subsequent Amirs should come from the blood line of the Prophet himself. As best we know, the Prophet (s.a.w.) did not sanction this royal system of choosing leaders, rather he nominated Abu Bakr and left the decision open to CONSENSUS of the Companions (r.a.).

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Ayyuhal Walad – Dear beloved Son – du’a that can always be recited

Edited extract from Imam Ghazali’s Arabic Book ‘Ayyuhal Walad’ from His Three-Volumes Collection of Short Books ‘Majmu’a Rasail Imam Ghazali’

My dear beloved son! Do not forget me in your supplications (Du’a). You have desired that I should write a supplication (Du’a) for you [that you can always recite], so you should search for supplications in the book of ahadith (the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (saw) [especially] in Sahah Sitta (the six most authentic collections of the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and memorize them. Likewise, many supplications have come [to us] from the methods of the Ahl al-Bayt (the family of Prophet Muhammad (saw), so search for them there. Recite the following [supplication], in particular, after every prayer (Salat):

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Agitating Malay Muslims

This article has been published earlier here.

By Shanon Shah | 03 March 2009 | 

OVER the past year, several Malay-Muslim groups have been in the headlines. From lawsuits filed against the DAP‘s Teresa Kok for allegedly insulting Islam, to campaigns responding to the crisis in Gaza, the defence of Islam and Malay rights has occuppied the national attention, sometimes in frightening ways. Just what are these groups about? What motivates them? And do these non-governmental organisations (NGOs), some of which have mushroomed very quickly overnight, really express the will of the majority of Malay Muslims in Malaysia?

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Our Self-Esteem

Allah loves those who put their trust in Him as shown in Surah Ali Imran verse 159. The verse says: “It was by the mercy of God that you, Prophet Muhammad, were lenient with them, that you showed indulgence toward them when they disobeyed you; Had you been harsh in speech, Ill-natured, and fierce of heart, Brutish and coarse towards them, They would have dispersed, split away, from about you. So pardon them, pass over what they have done, Pardon your Companions for that which may ensue from them And ask forgiveness for them, for their sins, until I forgive them, And consult them; find out their opinions, in the matter, Consult with them upon the conduct of affairs In order to win their hearts over And so that you may be emulated in this respect; And indeed, the Prophet would frequently consult them. And when you are resolved, to carry out what you wish after counsel, rely on Allah, put your trust in Him, Put your trust in Allah to give you triumph and domination For Allah loves those who rely on Him.”

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