Children-of-conversion issue

Malaysia is presently engaged in a delicate balancing act between secular and Islamic law. It is urgent for the future of our society (which includes many non-Muslims) that this effort proceed carefully and successfully. The recent cabinet decision regarding the religion of children after conversion of the father to Islam disrupts the delicacy of this matter. This decision has opened of floodgates of secular prejudice against Muslim males in general, encouraging comments by public figures such as Marina Mahathir and Karpal Singh, both of whom have since cast serious aspersions upon the behavior of Muslim males in general.

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Whither ABIM: Quietly and with Persistence

I wrote the following observations last year. It’ been almost 6 months. It’s been a strange season weather-wise.

It’s over for this generation of Islamic activists. We tried and failed, but time is on our side. We must plant the seeds for an Islamic future in the next generation through social change. We must alter the mindset and mentality of people through an Islamic value system. We do this through example and education. We do it quietly and with persistence.”

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CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Da’wah Through Guided Tour of the Mosque

Since its inception on 27th August 1965, Masjid Negara has been a major tourist destination for locals and foreigners who visit Malaysia. Realizing that Masjid Negara is daily visited by more than 300 tourists, the Malaysian Tourism Board has officially declared the mosque a major tourist destination, depicting this National monument as a symbol of Islamic presence in the country in its various tourism promotions. In fact, about 4 million non-Muslim tourists visit various mosques and Islamic centres throughout Malaysia every year.

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