Walk for Charity

Join and Support Islamic Outreach ABIM’s charity program on 5th July 2009 to support its welfare activities

Islamic Outreach ABIM’s 22 years of successful contribution in charitable activities have helped changed lives of many Malaysians and inspired them to lead better lives. Malaysians have contributed time, money and in-kind work to assist us in the broad areas of service to the community.

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The value of the Shahadah

In this lecture at the Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM) Annual Muktamar in Malaysia (August 2006), Syaikh Gibril Fouad Haddad, may Allah preserve him, talks about the value of the Shahadah. This is specifically in response to the campaign of apostasy waged by liberals and missionaries;


May Allah continue to support our support our Syaikh, defender of Ahl al-Sunnah.

Stateless Rohingyas in Malaysia: A Call for Action

Presently in Malaysia there are an acknowledged 8,000 people from Myanmar who are stateless. A large number have applications pending with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to be classified as Refugees. Their applications are still pending action, even after waits in excess of one year. And the number is probably three times that of the known stateless people.

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The South Thailand Mosque massacre and our hope for peace

South Thailand’s predominantly Muslim population has suffered a severe blow with the death of 12 and many other injured at the mosque in the Cho Airing district on 8 June. This follows the death of over 3,500 since 2004 due daily violence committed by suspected separatists and the Thai military. It should be noted that the Thai military effectively occupies the southern provinces, enforcing law in a manner similar to methods used by the Israelis in Palestine, but with substantially less violence.

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Moving forward to strengthen the position of Islam under the Federal Constitution

Jointly written by Hj. Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla[1], Hj. Abdul Rahim Sinwan[2] and Azril Mohd Amin[3]

This paper intends to discuss the position of Islam within the Federal Constitution with regards to matrimonial disputes involving non-Muslim couples, married under the civil law, wherein one of the spouses converts to Islam. It will be proposed throughout this paper that the approach in resolving the nature of these disputes shall be by applying the necessary Syariah principles through the Syariah Court system, as opposed to the Civil law system. It will also be proposed that this approach is within the literal as well as spiritual intent of our Federal Constitution.

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Fathering Matters: A Time for Reflection

From time to time I try to remind myself of the huge task of being a father. The following reflections I hope will do that and will be useful to all fathers out there. We all hear many stories about dead-beat fathers who are not living up to their responsibilities and fail to become good examples for their children to emulate from, but all fathers are not the same. There are some fathers who take very good care of their children. When the mothers are not around they have to assume that responsibility as well.

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