“Whoever sets a good precedent in Islam…”

One day, close to noontime, while the Prophet (peace be upon him) was sitting and conferring with his Companions, a group of desert dwellers approached. Their purpose was none other than to represent their people to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and declare their faith in Islam.

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Hijrah as a Spiritual Journey

The journey of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) from Makkah to Madinah was as a template for an action that every single Muslim must take to fully develop Islam in his or her life.We may infer from certain Hadith that this “inner journey” involves our recognition, and pledge, that the Prophet himself becomes our guide even in preference to our own parents, especially if they deviate from Islāmic teaching. Inwardly, we must be willing to leave our village, our home culture, or even our homeland, if our Islam calls us to do so.

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Malaysian Muslim Lawyers Association Elects New Leadership

Kuala Lumpur, Dec. 12, 2009 — The Malaysian Muslim Lawyers Association announced at its 22nd Annual General Meeting in Kuala Lumpur that lawyer Hj. Zainurijal Abu Bakar has been elected to become its 5th president, succeeding Tan Sri Abu Zahar Ujang.

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Reflections on Hajj

Islam is really vast, and most of us forget that it extends so far beyond our local communities. The first blessing of Hajj is to remind us of this reality. Another blessing is that, if you must travel the world, you might as well travel to the very gates of heaven and hell. Al Qur’an never dissociates these two ultimate realities, and in Makkah they are also both close to us. Among other things, our Taqwa will increase and we may even become more fearful upon return. There is nothing wrong with this. Continue reading