Towards Consensus

In 2006, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, published a collection of speeches under the title, “Islam Hadhari: A Model Approach for Development and Progress”. In his third chapter, “Islam, Malaysia, and the Wider World”, he declares that civilizational dialogue cannot succeed without conflict resolution, which is at the forefront of the Malaysian government’s efforts. Continue reading


On the use of ‘Allah’ by the Herald

The following piece had been written by the Information Secretariat, Persatuan Peguam Muslim Malaysia. The blog owner wishes to acknowledge the Information Secretariat, Persatuan Peguam Muslim Malaysia (Muslim Lawyers Association of Malaysia) for granting permission to republish this article on this blog.

Herald issue – I

The Malays, as one foreigner once summed up, are a people who rest under the coconut tree with the sun shinning brightly and cheerfully upon them whilst the wind blow softly against their faces. Continue reading

Drawing up our life balance sheet through self-criticism

It is necessary for an individual to pause at the end of each day that has passed, in order to check himself and run through his achievements: What has he done in the course of the day? Why has he done it? What has he omitted? Why has he omitted it? Continue reading

We need to talk–azril-mohd-amin

Whatever we may think about Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administrative skills, he frequently stated in his speeches one of his deepest hopes for the Malaysian community, which was recourse to rational conflict resolution. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has to a certain degree made the same recommendation, acknowledging the shortcomings of the judicial process in such matters. Other leaders of different political and religious persuasions have issued similar statements. Continue reading

Prayer for the Refinement of the Heart: Imam al-Haddad

Al-Hamdulillah, wa Sallallah wa Sallama `Ala Sayyidina Rasulillah, wa Alihi wa Sahbihi wa Man Walah, Wa Ba`du:

Shaykh `Abdul-Karim Yahya, the student of Sayyidina al-Habib `Umar Bin Hafiz al-`Alawi al-Husayni, transmitted to us this Dua of Imam al-Haddad Radhiyallah `Anh for the refinement of the heart. When one makes this Dua, we request that one pray for us and all the Muslims.

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Blasphemy Most Foul

Media Statement By Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar, President, Muslim Lawyers Association of Malaysia.

In the days leading to the decision of the case brought by the Titular Roman Catholic Archbishop applying to use the word Allah in the Malay version of the bible, the Muslim community sat muted whilst being schooled by the non Muslims on their own religion. At the helm of this muted movement were politicians including their ulamas, political alliances and Muslim intellectuals who all agreed that it is permissible for the use of the word Allah in the Catholic weekly Herald publication.

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