Who is really responsible for infanticide?


“When the female (infant), buried alive, is questioned- for what crime she was killed?” [At-Takwir 8-9]. With these stirring words, Al Qur’an brings the malicious destruction of infants to the fore of human civilization. Malaysia is facing this crisis even now, 1400 years after the advent of Divine Revelation on this matter. Continue reading


Walking for a good cause

The original report by the Star newspaper appeared here.

OVER 1,000 sporting individuals participated in the ‘Walk for Charity’ organised by Islamic Outreach Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM) recently.

The walk, held at Dataran Merdeka, was organised to raise funds for welfare and community activities. The beneficiaries include the Saudara Islam Development Programme, Mosque Tourist Guide Programme, Orphans and the Poor Welfare Sponsorship Programme, the Islamicare Programme for the disabled, Orang Asli Socio-economic Development Programme and the Hospital Visit Programme. Continue reading

Lesson in Humility

In the eleventh year of Hijrah, the Prophet (peace be upon him) decided to send an expedition to the north, near Mutah and Palestine, where a few years earlier Jafar, Abdullah, and Zayd had been killed. To everyone’s surprise, he gave the command to young Usamah, Zayd’s son, who was only twenty years old, though this three-thousand-strong army included such men as Umar and other experienced Companions. This choice gave rise to much criticism, but the Prophet reacted very promptly and put an end to all arguments when he proclaimed: “You criticize the choice of Usamah to command the army, as you had formerly criticized that of his father Zayd. Usamah is truly worthy of the command I entrust him with, as his father was before him.” [Ibn Hisham]

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Review of the One-Day Colloquium on Islam & Secularism

Review of the One-Day Colloquium on Islam & Secularism held at MAS Academy, Kelana Jaya, Malaysia, July 24 2010, organized by Himpunan Keilmuan Muda (HAKIM, Intellectual Youth Alliance, www.hakim.org.my) & Curiousity Institute (CI).

Reviewed by Dr. Omar Altalib, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, International Islamic University Malaysia (omar_altalib@hotmail.com)

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Don’t let the culture of extravagance rob Ramadhan’s significance

“And eat and drink, but waste not in extravagance, certainly He (Allah) likes not those who waste in extravagance” [Qur’an 7:31]

During one recent Ramadhan in Saudi Arabia, the huge lobby of a hotel had been laid out with tables all set for iftar (the breaking of the fast). Then the thing went on and yet there was no feeling of satisfaction, peace, or fulfillment at all. People simply ate. I asked myself, have these people really been fasting? A certain friend later told me that many of them had not, although they still went through the motions of iftar every evening.

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Ramadhan Al-Mubarak 1431H

Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah SWT who has blessed us with another Ramadhan, the month in which the Qur’an was sent down, a guidance for the people [2:185]. Prophet Muhammad SAW illustrated the beauty of Ramadhan as the month of blessing, in which Allah SWT covers us with blessings, for He sends down mercy, decreases sins and answers prayers [Tabarani].

The Islamic Outreach ABIM (IOA) Team wishes all our Muslim Brothers and Sisters a spiritually meaningful and invigorating month ahead as we observe Ramadhan and all that it represents. Fasting is among the most beautiful acts of self-sacrifice and self-renewal. As we enter this holy month we join with all the religious fraternities of the world in the search for peace and the universal brotherhood of mankind. Continue reading