Hate is not part of Islam


Let us be honest about this. When the World Trade Centre towers went down, even Building Seven which did not have any airliner smash against it, much of the Muslim world cheered and followed the TV news videos again and again.

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Timely Advice for Young Muslims

The following article was written by Almarhum Professor Dr. Muhammad Al’ Mahdi. It is a well written piece in a very honest and relating manner. Even though he is not with us still his contribution to some aspects of Islamic education is priceless. May Allah Bless his soul and shower His infinite mercy on him. Alfatihah. Continue reading

Yes indeed, non-Muslims are welcome in mosques

COMMENT In a suburb of Sydney, Australia, a small yet quite beautiful Turkish-style mosque has been built, following the model of the Sulaimaniye in Istanbul, that is, with library, school rooms, public clinic, canteen, social hall, and so on. There is a big banner in front of the mosque, “Open to All! Please Visit”. Continue reading