Our Journey to Islam: An Innovative Islamic Speaker’s Bureau

We are hoping to be able to launch in mid-2011 the “Our Journey to Islam” program. Islamic Outreach ABIM is designing it to the needs of the nation and beyond, under a five year plan from its initiation through providing a speaker list of more than 100 active participants throughout Malaysia and beyond.

The program seeks to have reverts share their particular experiences and journeys to Islam with groups of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Each convert or revert comes to Islam for reasons specific to their life and history; and they find something unique in the religion for themselves. It is the sharing of their arrival at saying the Shahada, and their individual acknowledgement of Islam as their faith, that inspires.

The program has several components. The first is speaker training, embodying public speaking training, reviews of basic concepts and frameworks of the world view of Islam, and preparation for participation in Q&A sessions with the groups whom they address. This is a full month course, conducted over several weekends. The second component evolves into “coached” appearances before groups in the Klang Valley. This enables each participant to experience in “real time” the act of presentation and feel the sense of accomplishment in communicating well. The mentor or coach for each speaker will assist them in their early talks by advice and support. The final stage is representing Islam and its noble teachings to the community as a whole through acceptance of invitations to various groups and organizations.

Ultimately, this innovative program will be a leader in providing examples of the strength of Islam for the individual and the Community and the Nation. Invitations for the first batch are now being processed. If you have an interest in participating in the program, or wish to suggest someone for it, please contact Islamic Outreach ABIM via email at info@islamic-outreach.org or azrilmohdamin@gmail.com. We will bring more updates on our website www.islamic-outreach.org.

We welcome financial contributions as basic funding for the first full year of operation. Indeed, this is one of our many programs in which you could participate either by way of offering financial assistance or by lending your precious time or even giving emotional support to the participants. Let us take heed of a beautiful hadith, in which Abu Hurayra (radi Allahu anhu) reported: the Prophet Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) said, “Wealth is not diminished by giving (in charity). Allah-Jallah jalala hu, augments the honour of one who forgives; and one who displays humbleness towards another seeking the pleasure of ALLAH, Subhanahu wa ta’ala, Allah-Jallah jalala hu, exalts him in ranks.” [Muslim].

If our mission is four-fold, then this meets all criteria with wisdom, foresight, innovation and charity. Special thanks to the steering committee composed of our guest scholars and volunteers for their ideas and continued support in our activities.


29th January 2011 │ 24 Safar 1432

Azril Mohd AminChairman, Islamic Outreach ABIM

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