Why Do Malay Muslims Defect?

I could observe almost every week from the 8th floor of the building where my office is located, hundreds of young Malay-Muslims gather in Kuala Lumpur clubs for dancing and drinking together, looking for new friends, and I suspect sometimes trying some of the new drugs, and (even having sex?). Why are they doing this, when such activities involve completely denying their religious training, even betraying what their parents taught them? Continue reading


The Day according to Saint Valentine


Muslims are only human. Many of them may wish to celebrate the rituals of “true love” and other illusions and delusions imported from the western world.

Let us remember that when we face our respective Days of Judgment, we will be examined according to how we fulfilled our duties in life, NOT according to how many times we “fell in love”.

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A Brief Musing on Hajj

There is no better place for personal reflections at any given time than the Haram in Makkah. I truly miss those days. The peaceful and breathtaking ambiance in Makkah and Madinah made me realize yet again that we are all lone travellers in this world with one purpose. To a certain extent, Islam asks us to look out for each other, but each individual has a personal limit how far they will go for you and it is subjective. Continue reading