Malaysia without Politicians?

A certain prominent psychiatrist here in Malaysia once commented (“off the record”) that one of the job skills required of successful politicians is “borderline criminal psychosis”. In other words, many political leaders are not that far away from being crazy criminals. Anyway, everybody seems to know that politics is a “dirty business”. Continue reading


Kenyataan Media Pertubuhan-pertubuhan Pembela Islam (PEMBELA)

Kenyataan Media Pertubuhan-pertubuhan Pembela Islam (PEMBELA) Mempertahankan Kedaulatan Islam di Malaysia dalam Menangani Isu Bible Bahasa Melayu

Kenyataan ini dibuat memandangkan sikap kumpulan-kumpulan Kristian akhir-akhir ini yang terlalu provokatif dan melampau-lampau dalam menangani isu Bible Bahasa Melayu. Sikap dan cara ini yang tercermin dalam tindakan membuat laporan polis secara berkumpulan serta pelbagai kenyataan-kenyataan kasar yang amat menghiris hati umat Islam di negara ini. Continue reading

Border, Leadership and Partner Change

Leaders in moderate Muslim countries have the difficult task of bringing their followers, as well as Muslims of less moderate countries, into a state of grace and understanding such that the desire to enter paradise will overcome the promises of those false leaders who offer martyrdom as the reward for certain political acts such as murder and mayhem in South Thailand, suicide in Pakistan, Iraq, or killing demonstrators in Libya. It would be nice to have a real Caliph once again, who could tell us which “jihad” was the true one, and however, we must now make do with what we have in our religion, and our own intelligence. Continue reading

Muslim Youth today

(in-progress draft of initial chapter of a proposed monograph; comments are most welcome)

1. Modern Youth – With and Without Islam

Muslim youth – all youth – need facilities. They need a “high-energy space” to grow up in, to borrow a term from telemarketing. Look at the richness of educational and intellectual possibilities for Malaysia’s Muslim youth compared to so many other Muslim countries. And look at how eagerly they “take the bull of modern technology by the horn”, as it were. One must admire them for so bravely embracing their “growing pains”. They seem well aware that they are the vanguard of a new Renaissance of the Muslim Ummah that is occurring throughout the human race.

Continue reading