Uncovering the truth about BERSIH 2.0

There is a “human right” now being exercised almost universally, that is, the Right of Free Assembly. The recent Thai election shows one clear result of such assemblies, called the “Red Shirts”. The Middle East is awash with such assemblies, in almost all cases directed against prolonged, corrupt leadership.

Yesterday some Malaysians have chosen to resort to street demonstrations as a show of protest against what they term as a “dirty and unfair” electoral system in this country. But in their excitement and for some followers of the Islamic party – their self-proclaimed “jihad”; they tend to forget lessons from history. Remember that the triumph of the Bolsheviks grew out of many rallies in Russia. But the most appalling peril resulted when the fruit of these rallies was hijacked and snatched by the minority Bolsheviks from the hand of the much bigger Mensheviks. Finally, following the popular proletarian uprising against the oppressive Tsar regime, Stalin took power and proceeded to kill millions in the ‘interest’ of the state and the party.

We must also remember that the establishment of Germany‘s Nazi is the result of the many rallies held in Germany then.

These foreign powers continue to play their role in taking globalist sedition to the streets of independent countries, in the name of “democracy and human rights”. Let’s look at the “revolutionary Arab Spring”, wherein this week the German news magazine Der Spiegel revealed that the German government had agreed a €1.5bn deal to sell 200 Leopard 2A7+ tanks to Saudi Arabia. The Leopard 2, manufactured by the Munich-based company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, is among the world’s best main battle tanks, but according to the company this model can be used in “operations in urban terrain as well as high intensity operations”.

The Saudi deal illustrates the central contradiction in Germany’s export-driven foreign policy. While Germany did not want to support military intervention in Libya to prevent a massacre by Muammar Gaddafi‘s forces in Benghazi, it is perfectly happy to supply arms to Saudi Arabia. This, it seems, is Germany’s contribution to the Arab spring.

Yesterday’s BERSIH 2.0 notorious gathering, according to an observer in an earlier email commentary; had been carefully planned to achieve; for a best case scenario, another Tahrir Square of Egypt. It was clear that their aspiration was for a people awakening; and that through such peoples awakening; the perceived despotic nature of the present government may be toppled and replaced by, hopefully, a less despotic government.

It was further commented that for a worst case, perhaps it is the opposition front’s hope that civil strife à la Libya may continue protractedly, where a stalemate would invite and welcome a foreign intervention favourable to them. Thus, the prevailing political problem, particularly their leader’s legal problem, could be salvaged, or at least relieved.

Let’s reflect on Tony Cartalucci’s piece “Globalist Sedition takes to Malaysian Streets” for an alternative, in-depth and perhaps a more reliable source of news analysis.

In Cartalucci’s own words, “It is not that the “free and fair” elections many BERSIH members are fighting for aren’t a legitimate cause. It is the fact that the leadership of BERSIH are disingenuously harnessing the good intentions, energy, and resources of their naive followers to carry out foreign-funded sedition and regime change that will result in a dismal future for all Malaysians. Surely the ancestors of today’s BERSIH protesters didn’t struggle and fight for Malaysian independence just so a foreign-backed stooge like Anwar Ibrahim could worm his way back into power, and with him bring back the same slouching degenerate bankers, merchants, and monied elite who had despoiled Malaysia and her riches for centuries.”

Please read the rest of Cartalucci’s article here. You can think for yourself.

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