Having met several European white-skinned Muslims lately, I have noticed that they are still much more casual about converting to Islam than most Americans. A Danish brother says that many Danes are converting, in spite of the bad reputation his country has with Muslims elsewhere. The growth of Islam in America, on the other hand, is still due to the arrival of immigrants from Muslim countries, and the conversion of black-skinned Afro-Americans, as it has been for many years now. Whites almost never show up at the Friday prayers, if there really are that many new ones. Even in 1993, a lone white man at the Friday prayers in San Diego was interviewed by the local newspaper for his eccentricity, and described as “shipwrecked on a desert island”. Or, later in the Bush years, he might be interrogated by the CIA and have his passport cancelled without any due process of law.

And now, we have a report, based on the Scandinavian youth camp killer’s report, that most of the Islamophobia in America has now been consolidated into the hands of only a few (five or six) very rich people or their foundations. One can find material on the influence of these rich Islamophobes on Internet now. It is a very sobering development, since the propaganda power of big money will sustain the average American’s considerable fear of Islam and Muslims.

The report by the Centre of American Progress has exposed each and every one of those the individuals and institutions that comprise what it calls the “network of hate.” Entitled “Fear, Inc. The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America,” the investigative report shows how they are funded, how they operate, the litany of “lies and myths” they have spread and their role in influencing both U.S. public perception towards Islam/Muslims as well as the U.S. policy agenda to justify the global “war on terror.” Read the full dispatch and download the report here.

The danger is that if this big money is allowed to fan the flames of hatred, then its manifestations, like 9/11, will continue to disrupt racial harmony. Remember Isaac Newton‘s Laws of Gravity? One of them was, every force creates an equal and opposite reaction. It would appear many more Americans believe in “culture clash Jihad” than Muslims. This is why the somewhat ignorant George Bush Junior‘s first words after being informed of the 9/11 attack were, “This is war.” The American public has bought that scenario, and billions of dollars are now being made by Homeland Security and others in the “Fear Industry”.

There has almost never been any direction toward self-examination, although Internet also reported soon after the attack that many media people lost their jobs for even suggesting some self-examination by the Americans on the matter. Muslims, on the other hand, have been struggling this entire decade to cope with the fallout of the attack, and their sincere and intelligent efforts are swimming upstream against all these rich western individuals and foundations orchestrating anti-Muslim hatred. That is why the Scandinavian felt it was absolutely necessary to do what he did, to call attention to himself and his analysis of the Islamophobic movement in the USA.

You see? He is the mirror image of the infamous Muslim “martyr” who – due to confusion and error in knowledge, wrongly imagines he or she will go to heaven for an act of criminal psychosis, which causes death of innocent civilians. We seem to have psychotics (madmen) on both sides.

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