Against Natural Law

Throughout history, governing bodies as well as traditional laws have drawn the line at sexual practices that protects the unique and spiritual nature of humanity. Only human beings have laws and ethics, animals do not.

The purpose of these laws is to safeguard the inevitable tendency noted in all major religions for human beings to backslide into their animal status, thus corrupting the souls of future humans and endangering what progress we may have made in the struggle with our negative tendencies.

All humans at times are inclined to fall to the satanic forces, while building and taming our environments and safely utilizing our fantastic brain powers. The key, and only key, is to adhere to the religious dictates in striving to become competent managers of our estate, especially including our sexuality.

We are planting the seeds of our own future — whether warlike or peaceful, when we enter into the institution of marriage.

When the human seed meets the human ovum in the most secret places of our women’s organisms, we cast our vote for progress and upward evolution. This upward evolution especially includes the protection of our “state of consciousness“, from which all our spiritual knowledge derives, and which is what we most expect to survive the experience of bodily death.

There was a western atheist scientist who was quoted as saying that “… there is no moral imperative to protect the human gene pool”. Only a religious illiterate could say such a thing.

On the contrary, homosexuality or any form of unnatural human coupling, could only be seen to compromise our hard-won efforts to develop a human consciousness that follows the spiritual history of our race, that is, from the Prophet Adam through various losses of our original monotheism, and then back to the worship of the One God, as returned to us through the greatest of human suffering and spiritual strength, by our last and greatest Prophet, Muhammad (Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him).

Another way of saying this is that those who abjure the primacy of human consciousness in the evolution of our spiritual awareness can only be considered traitors to the human race. Today, marriage is possibly the most difficult of human achievements, having been undermined at every turn by the Devil himself (see verses 101-102 of Surah Al Baqarah), so that it has become actually easier and even sometimes more profitable to divorce than to marry.

We need many years to work out the complications of a successful marriage communication. Those who quit before then are cowards of the worst type, and in this matter, it matters not how we FEEL when we deal with unmarried gender opposites.

WE should welcome every legal support for our continual striving to please Allah the Most Exalted in these matters.

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