A Clear and Present Danger

Human Rights Watch‘s Asia division deputy director, Phil Robertson, in a recent statement entitled ‘AG Should Not Appeal‘, said that “the end of the trial allowed a way out for the government to bow out gracefully. The trial court gave the government a chance to bow out gracefully from Anwar’s politically motivated prosecution.  It’s very unfortunate that they didn’t take it.”

Perhaps the court was making a desperate last-ditch attempt to re-establish an independent judiciary, for which Malaysia is not well known in the modern world, and whose reputation has suffered greatly due to its entwinement in the Anwar affair, which is very tawdry at heart and has cost Malaysia much respect for an honorable politics. The Prime Minister’s recent calls for a moderate coalition of states does not mean very much in this context.

In fact, the whole strategy of “character assassination” against Anwar from the very beginning (whoever set it up) has one highly descriptive term in the civilized world, that is, “jungle politics”. The winner must destroy his competitors, such as evidenced in world history of some leaders who had their own sons murdered to prevent challenges to their rule.

Human Watch Rights is an American NGO that would appear to support political leaders’ right to conduct their political campaign without regard to their private social behaviors. This argument has been a centerpiece of western secular ideology for a long time, witness, many of the United States of America Founding Fathers owning slaves and even fathering children by some of them, including Thomas Jefferson.

Or George Washington’s well-known mistress, who did not interfere with his later deification and “ascension to heaven” in the US Capitol dome mural (compare with Bill Clinton who was not so lucky, yet still lucky enough to have “gotten away with” his own rather shabby affair within the White House premises themselves).

Anwar had a chance for a few days after his exoneration to eschew all allegations and implications of his former behavior, without making any further issue of it in his political ambitions for Malaysia. He might then have “re-positioned and qualified” himself as a legitimate competitor to the present leadership.

Instead, he brought the issue right back into the spotlight with his call that Malaysia’s present sodomy laws are rather archaic, i.e., continuing to claim the “human right” to behave privately as one wishes, while purporting to represent the people in a country’s leadership. The western Human Rights Watch people must have been delighted, not to have lost their momentum in secularizing the Muslims with their deviating Human Rights Agenda, which can never coexist with the Islamic principles, for the simple reason that the western human rights Declaration is pagan-derived and positively eschews any particle of Divine Origin or accountability.

Rather stupidly, from this writer’s point of view, Anwar re-opened the door for his purported sodomy victim to continue his claims and pleas for justice in his allegation of sexual rape. Evidently, Anwar remains fully committed to “liberalization” of the Shariah.

As long as Anwar or anyone else on the Malaysian scene tries to accommodate the western Human Rights Watch agenda, which now appears to include a purported right to freedom of gender choice or even change, as if Allah the Most Exalted did not know what He was doing in creating us. What straighter path to Hell could we imagine, and why does Malaysia persist in even facing in the direction of such a path?

Indeed, this agenda presents a clear and present danger for us Muslims in particular, and Malaysians in general.

AZRIL MOHD AMIN is vice president, Muslim Lawyers Association of Malaysia.

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