Commemorating the Prophet’s Rapture and Ascension to his Lord

[Note] The following excerpt from an excellent booklet entitled al-Anwar al-bahiyya min isra’ wa mi`raj khayr al-bariyya (The resplendent lights of the rapture and ascension of the Best of creation) by Sayyid Muhammad `Alawi al-Maliki al-Hasani (may Allah be pleased with him) includes brief explanations about the miraculous events by the author (may Allah be pleased with him). Continue reading


A Plea for the Rohingyas

Running north to south along the border of Bangladesh, one of the truly forgotten ethnic minority groups of the modern world, the Rohingyas are dying by the thousands. According to witnesses, hundreds of Rohingyas have been turned away by authorities in neighboring Bangladesh after attempting to flee the fighting in boats. The Rohingyas never accepted any other religion than Islam and were never granted citizenship or any other rights along their border with the Buddhist Myanmarese, who don’t want them and have always tried to force them to join the Bangladeshis. Continue reading