Consensual Contagion?

Pang Khee Teik, co-founder of Seksualiti Merdeka, has responded to my earlier statement. Please click here for the original source. You may also find some other responses here, here and here

I have written the following piece to “end run” the issue. It’s a point that is seldom made, whether or not homosexuality is “pathological” (which most doctors still believe it is).

According to an eye-witness, in the late 1970’s, San Francisco hosted the appearance of licensed “social clubs” that were actually nude venues. Everyone took off their clothes, and free sex was the rule. No one was allowed to prevent his or her partner from having sex in any particular way, with anyone present.

Even then, sodomy was not practiced, but a good deal of adultery or “sex with strangers”, was. There was no policing or other interference with these clubs. This report comes from someone who attended and participated in these activities.

The entire philosophy of the sex clubs was that if sex were “consensual”, then it was no one else’s business to interfere. The only control seemed logical in a way, that is, only male/female couples could gain entrance. The reason given was to keep the gender balance so no one would be left out. But the effect was to protect from same-sex behavior in front of the other members.

So, EVEN THEN, same-sex coupling was not acceptable as a part of the “free sex philosophy”, at least not in a shared public space. It was many years after that, that the male homosexuals began “coming out” (of the closet), in other words, appearing on public billboard advertisements, building businesses, winning political office, etc.

One male homosexual community had a “sell your baby” service in which the unwanted children of very poor Hispanics and Blacks would be bought from their mothers and then sold to male homosexual couples who couldn’t have a family any other way. This is what public tolerance of male homosexuals has led to. (Once again, this is an eye-witness report to this writer. The neighborhood is in San Diego, California, and is called “Normal Heights“).

At about the same time, reports our witness from San Diego, the California legislature passed a law that allowed known homosexuals to teach primary school children, so long as they did not touch the children. They further passed legislation that allowed secondary school clinics or nurses to issue birth control advice and material to the teenage students who wished to sleep with their boys or girlfriends without their parents knowing about it. Looking for a virgin to marry became a joke in a Hollywood comedy.

Such teachers are still teaching in California. The sex clubs may still be in place, we do not know. But the witness of their programs, and these other developments subverting schoolchildren, is now a Muslim here in Malaysia, partly because of his disgust with the American developments after too much LBGT-tolerance.

One of the major issues is contagion. Consensual behavior, such as taking drugs, is contagious. And here is the crux of our LBGT problem. Malaysia and neighboring countries are under a lot of pressure to submit to the Yogyakarta Principles 2006 and to endorse the LGBT rights in the draft of an ASEAN Declaration on Human Rights, which is expected to be submitted to the ASEAN Summit in November this year for leaders’ signing.

Malaysia is also under pressure from the United Nations to offer legal and public recognition to the homosexual or trans-gender community, and will be under even more pressure at the Human Rights Review in 2013, in which Malaysia’s turn to take part in the rotation of UN members who must have their Human Rights records reviewed periodically by the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva.

The secular propaganda will certainly include all these arguments which call for the legalization of non-binary sexual practices. The so-called liberal, secular world will argue very forcefully that these practices are “consensual” and “victimless”, so they must not be criminalized. It is possible that the irrelevant issue of Muslim majorities will be raised as part of the problem, even though Muslim countries have about the same rate as everyone else, of criminalizing sodomy.

Of course, even the Muslims’ arch-enemy Sigmund Freud would have been the first to point out that lack of physical contact, as California has imposed on its homosexual public school teachers, is no protection from the contagion of aberrant behavior. Homosexuals of both genders practice a certain cultural style common to their numbers, which can easily be recognized and will most certainly be transmitted to schoolchildren, whether they are touched or not.

But if we join Dr. Freud, and most other medical doctors, in considering non-binary sex as aberrant and pathological, then what is left of the LGBT arguments for “depathologizing”? Nothing much. Let’s continue to educate and treat them. Human rights do not belong to those who practice animal behavior.

3 responses

  1. Dear Uncle Azril,
    LGBT had already become a trend in the West. Some people promotes LGBT as something special, wonderful and part of freedom and human rights, so the others follow them to be accepted as a being modern. We can’t just follow everybody. What if they do something bad and we follow them as in this case? LGBT is haram in Islam and if a person says that LGBT is okay and Allah accept LGBT, then that person is a Liberal Muslim. It is very dangerous because Liberalism affect our akidah. We can’t let the trend spread and LGBT fighters, Freedom and human rights fighters must not force countries against LGBT to accept LGBT. UN must respect the human rights of the people that reject LGBT. UN must be fair to everybody and people against LGBT must fight for their rights.
    Uncle Azril and the Muslim Lawyers Association must help the Malaysian government and the citizens to fight against LGBT.

  2. hi azril, your protest against decriminalizing LGBT sex or allowing LGBT people be a full member of society and not get jailed for their sexual behavior, dressing and so on seem to rest on two ideas – 1. your religion does not allow it. 2. the LGBT behavior/lifestyle may be contagious to children and others. does that mean if my religion does not allow more than one wife per man, my co-religionist should also agitate to criminalize polygamy? and if my religion does not allow any mutilation of flesh we should fight to criminalize circumcision? what about religions that does not allow the killing of any life, including animals? they should also agitate to criminalize consumption of meat and force everyone to be vegan? and if potential contagion is the basis, we should then criminalize smoking because it may also be contagious and the resulting cancer may even kill unwittingly influenced smokers? isn’t the societal medical cost and ill effects of smoking more important that forms of sex you disagree with? while we are at it, should we also seek to make unmarried couples date nights a criminal action since such behavior may also be contagious and may lead to pre-marital sex which some religion forbids? if we go by your logic, where do we end? we should depend on your subjective opinions? or depend on which religion you happen to belong to and what your scriptures say? or better still, maybe we shouldn’t be too bothered about where it ends, and chop it off right at the start by criminalizing any opinions other than yours because allowing others to voice their opinions may be contagious and can even lead to apostasy if they get too influenced by dangerous liberal ideas.

  3. Mr. Azril, I am a transsexual and a lesbian, so I am a bit confused here. Your “eye-witness” seems to be very tolerant of heterosexual “free sex”, yet tacitly implied his glee that “same sex behaviour” is not allowed. Double standards allowed?

    Another thing is, what aberrant behaviour or practice are you talking about? Allow me to assume you mean sodomy. However I am not a fan of sodomy myself, and I am not a fan of Pang Khee Teik’s sex life either. In fact, I am appalled by the gay lifestyle. Yet, I am not living as such. So what are you against me for? My career? My writing? The car I drive?

    You mentioned homosexuals have a “certain cultural style common to their numbers” that can be easily “transmitted to schoolchildren”. Do you have evidence on that? Because I assure you, I have had heterosexual culture style common to their numbers hammered down on me since I was a very small kid and I see it transmitted to schoolchildren, and strange enough I did not get infected. Plus, I had the secular world argue very forcefully that these practices are “consensual” and “victimless”, from church to family to friends. Yet, non of these incredible forces was able to turn me straight. Why?

    I would choose to believe you are educated enough; are you seriously suggesting that I should be denied human rights to a job, healthcare, insurance, education, housing, and everything human in equal terms with you, because I am different?

    Mr. Azril, why did you have to lie about my life? Perhaps you assume from other LGBTs, but it seems to me you are on a crusade to have me rejected because of a non-existent “non-binary sexual practice”. You appear to be looking to have society further discriminate me, prejudice against me, perhaps even justify taking life away from me, because for some reason you think my neighbourhoods’ sons would turn lesbian. Are you upset with me because they did not turn gay?

    I am sorry that you have such skewed views. I am against Seksualiti Merdeka for the same reasons as you have, as I am a Christian and believe in values and human dignity, and I do not condone group sex and discourage sex work altogether. I believe in monogamy, perhaps just like you. I treasure life, as you probably would too. So why are you harming my life?

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