Arab Spring II: The Danger to Our Future

In 1973, King Faisal woke the Muslims up to the Divine Gift of almost unlimited wealth. It seemed everything was possible, as the natural resources underneath their lands were suddenly discovered to be indispensable to sustaining the lifestyles of almost all the non-Muslims. By now, forty years later, things have changed. What happened? How did we lose that priceless future which Allah swt placed in our hands?

In a word, we sat passively by while we were divided up into many nation-states at the pleasure of our enemies, those who wished to rob us of our resources. By chopping us up into a meaningless mishmash, they seduced us into joining something called “the United Nations“, who vowed to defend our western-made borders to the death, and to criminalize anyone who suggested border-change. The secular and alien ideology to which we were all required to subscribe was something called “multi-cultural pluralism”, to prove forcing people to live together who had no wish to do so.

The widespread failure of this grand “divide-and-conquer” strategy is becoming plain to see. Freedom fighters are called “terrorists”, and those Muslims whose lands and natural resources have been the most severely fragmented and ravaged, have been labeled as the world’s worst trouble makers. Samuel P. Huntington, in his recent best-selling analysis of culture clash, refers to “Islam’s bloody borders”, and backs his argument up with many statistics.

These borders are now involved in something called the “Arab Spring“. However, it is vital for us to understand that the “Spring” may be Arab (which remains to be seen), but it is certainly not a “Muslim Spring”. The predecessor to the present “Arab Spring” was a myth put out by England with the super-hero help of one Lawrence of Arabia.

In fact, what Lawrence did was turn the desert Arabs against their Muslim brothers who were under the guidance of the Caliph in Istanbul. After that, the nation-state of Saudi Arabia was formed, and until today holds absolute control over our Holy Land (Mecca and Medina) in the name of the Family of Saud, and not of all the Muslims.

You can presently see these greedy Saudis building five-star hotels all about Islam’s Masjid Haram, profiteering off the pilgrimage much as did some of their ignorant ancestors, before the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) set them straight. So let us beware of this “Arab Spring”. It may be a “corrective to bad Arab governance”, but it is in no way a solution to the problem of the total lack of a Muslim Ummah in the world today.

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