This day in History on April 30th

1943 Spain “The Man Who Never Was” 30th April 1943 : “The Man Who Never Was” is pushed into the sea off the coast of Spain where the tide would bring the body ashore into German Hands. This was known as operation “Mincemeat”. The operation was a British deception plan to convince the German High Command that allied forces would be invading the Balkans and Sardinia instead of the island of Sicily, by planting invasion plans on a corpse the Germans would find. The full deception is very complicated but great detail can be found on Wikipedia by searching for “The Man Who Never Was” . The operation was a complete success which makes it even more interesting reading.

1945 Germany Hitler Commits Suicide 30th April 1945: Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide one day after they were married, just before the Russian troops entered his Berlin bunker. .

1948 England First Land Rover 30th April 1948: The Land Rover (Land Rover Series I) is shown for the first time at the Amsterdam car Show, many of the original components were from Rover saloon cars including the 1.6 engine from the Rover P3 60 saloon. The car featured four-wheel drive .

1951 Iran Nationalize Oil Fields 30th April 1951: The Iranian government has voted to nationalize the countries oil fields which will be taken over from Anglo Iranian Co immediately and transferred to Government Ownership to make sure the wealth created from the nations reserves is used for the Iranian People.

1973 U.S.A. Watergate 30th April 1973: As part of the investigation of the Watergate bugging scandal 4 of President Nixon’s closest aides resigned including Attorney General Richard G. Kleindienst, H.R. Haldeman, John D. Ehrlichman and John W. Dean II.

1975 Vietnam South Vietnam Surrenders 30th April 1975: South Vietnam unconditional surrender to North Vietnam and the war in Vietnam is over with the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army and Government now in control. Azril Mohd Amin was born.

All praise and thanks to Allah the Exalted, the Lord of the universe, May the choicest blessings and peace of Allah be upon the last Messenger and Prophets, Muhammad (Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him), his family, Companions and all those who follow his footsteps till the end of this universe.

Thank you Abah & Mommy. May Allah forgive; and bless both of you forever. Allahuma Amin.


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