Reinstating Normal Human Sexuality

[NOTE] I was one of the panelists at a forum on LGBT organized by the Judicial and Legal Training Institute (ILKAP) on 25 June 2013. At the forum I have reiterated many of my earlier opinions on the issue, and some other points are stated in the following article. Please let me have your response.

In spite of recent political reports, Malaysia does not bear the non-Muslim world any hostility on the majority of non-Muslim countries (and some Muslims as well) espousing unipolar gender relations. However, Malaysia wishes to remind her non-Muslim neighbors that during the vast sweep of known human history, all societies have looked askance in one way or other at sexual deviation.

As people who accept the reality of Divine Revelation, with our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) as the last messenger, we cannot ignore the constantly repeated warnings from our Creator against sexual deviation, especially homosexuality or any other form of non-procreative self-stimulation. The propagation of sex as fun by the westerners has seriously corrupted our efforts to raise and train our children in healthy family lifestyles, to the extent that in the USA alone, there is more economic “purchasing power” in the hands of young single adults than there is among families. Watching American TV commercials puts proof to that reality. Family oriented commercials are fewer than they were in the 50’s and 60’s.

Malaysia took the courageous step of declaring Islam, a Divinely Revealed religion, as the religion of the Federation by virtue of Article 3 (1) of the Federal Constitution. As such, Malaysia is trying to progress beyond the original secular intent to keep religion in the domain of the private person, for the simple reason that corruption, without any Fear of Allah or Divine Retribution, is presently destroying our race and its governments everywhere.

How else can we bring pressure to bear on our leaders to contain within themselves enough taqwa – fear of Allah SWT – to protect them from the multitude of temptations in powerful positions? It only follows logically that human sexual deviation is one of those corrupting influences, and it is not without reason that such behavior among top politicians in any government have always become the focus of scandal and national disgrace. There seems to be no exception whatsoever to this phenomenon, which includes the USA, Indonesia, and Malaysia as well.

Therefore, without changing the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and its very conventional moral tone (sexual deviation is nowhere mentioned), we only ask that Muslim signatories not be coerced into distorting that Declaration to include certain recognition and protection presently promoted by various so-called “liberal” human groups. If such minorities do suffer oppression, it is more likely that their deviation is used as a pretext for other rights abuses, to which they may well be subject for other reasons. Therefore, let other “declarations” recognize and correct such oppression.

As for same-sex marriages, which would have caused universal astonishment and disgust among well-educated liberal-thinking adults in all societies in past generations, let them be shunned as traitorous to the human race. In the modern world, it may not be an exaggeration to notice that establishing sound marriage and family relations may be one of the most difficult requirements of true humanity, due to this call for “equal rights” and therefore equal respect for the various deviants emerging in powerful positions worldwide. Our children will only face added obstruction in achieving what the human race desperately needs, that is, a sound family society, which will be ipso facto less warlike and financial crippled.

Let our voice be heard without opprobrium, please. We only speak on behalf of the majority of Muslim and non-Muslim citizens of various countries in human history, and for ourselves welcome the wisdom of our prophet Muhammad in reminding us of these truths – that Allah SWT created us to spread and inhabit the world, not to play sex games behind closed doors, and especially not freely exposed to the public or political eye.

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  1. Salaam Aleikum.

    The problem with this is that your opinions wreck people’s lives. God does not object to gay people. Some people are gay, get over it.

    We have done you no harm. It is not contagious, and if you are really bisexual you can choose to marry someone of the opposite sex, and I really won’t mind. Do us the same courtesy.

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