Have a blessed Ramadhan

I am certain it is clear from my posts the past few weeks, but I have not been writing much, and have not felt an inspiration to do it either. At my law firm, I have put in hard work in keeping up with challenging and demanding times. I am sure that has hindered my drive to write. I know I will come back to this site sooner or later and write again about the issues close to my heart, but now I think it is best to put it out there that I am taking a break.

I will be posting tweets occasionally, as I am finding that as the replacement to my writing and a new way of expressing and sharing important issues with friends and the public. I feel that with this post I will relieve a lot of pressure off of myself to write.

Please accept my best wishes to you and those you love on the advent of this most blissful Ramadhan. May Allah SWT, accept our siyam and qiyam and make this month a time for sharing, compassion and forgiveness.

8th July 2013 │ 29th Shaaban 1434

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