Human future without Islam?

Since time immemorial, the enemies of Islam have systematically conspired to destroy every single freely-elected democratic government that has arisen in Muslim countries. It is difficult to see how destruction of the earlier freely-elected Islamic government in Egypt does not fit this same pattern.

Egypt had been dependent on the United States for import of food supplies for many years, a foreign aid that used to be reviewed yearly. As a strategy of control, in recent years, that food aid has become subject to a weekly review by the US Congress. Therefore, Egyptian governments elected or not, can do nothing to anger the Americans without fear of starving their people.

In all these conspiracies against Muslim democracy, civilian killings have raised out-of-control by any lawful or legal process. The same is now true in Syria and Egypt, both of whom hardly qualify for continuing membership in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and they should be expelled to protect whatever “good name” of Islam is left in the world community. And this will not be much, due to the blatant hypocrisy of the Americans who continue to preach “democracy” while destroying Muslim countries’ democratic forms at the same time.

One is reminded of George Orwell’s classic forecast of the future, “1984”, where the government used “doublethink” and “doublespeak” to be free to perpetrate actions diametrically opposite from those reported to the people. With “doublespeak”, governments name themselves democracies which are not, such as many former communist countries and Muslim countries such as Indonesia or many Arab countries.

One is also reminded of the Quraysh tribe of the time of Prophet Muhammad (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him), who used all the power of their business dominance, including fear of their idols and statues, to attempt induce the people to turn against Islam in those early days. Most forms of the “Ahli Kitab” other than Muslims (Christians and Jews) who were founded as monotheists have been systematically corrupted by various forms of the one sin which Allah SWT will never forgive — “syirik”.

Most (but not all) Jews have raised the State of Israel to be the prerequisite worship of the Jewish people, and the Christians (with the exception of the Unitarians) continue to bow down to statues, crosses, stained-glass window depictions, and the so-called “Son of God”, which doctrine was decided, not by Revelation or prophetic teaching, but rather by an electoral vote of 60% among Priests in 324 AD at the Council of Nicea, nothing to do with any known teaching of Prophet Isa (a.s).

So Islam remains the only hope for a truly monotheist future for the human race, the only acceptable evolutionary conclusion to the vast sweep of prophetic religions over known human history. And, as argued by Mehdi Hassan in the recent Oxford Union’s “Islam is A Peaceful Religion” debate, it only takes one apple to spoil the barrel. Therefore, the 0.001 per cent of Muslims who practice or condone terrorism is destroying the good name of Islam everywhere. Our failing is our total failure to self-police our own hypocrites and heretics, now including the un-elected leaders of Syria and Egypt. We must correct this deficiency immediately, to re-establish our reputation as a people — supposedly “the best of people” — who are maturely capable of regulating our own behaviour and Satanic tendencies. And may Allah help us all!

AZRIL MOHD AMIN is vice president, Muslim Lawyers’ Association of Malaysia.


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  1. However you see in today’s world, the Muslim are best in killing each other and in every major crisis of Muslim countries, the OIC remain powerless and NATO (talk only no action). Often the last solution is seek the help of western power like USA and Europe.

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