The new ‘human rights-ism’

Anthony Julius, a Manchester Guardian columnist makes the following comment in his article “Human Rights: the new secular religion:

“This new ‘human rights-ism’ accords great value to the United Nations – notwithstanding its inability to enforce its decisions, and its refusal to make practical demands of its members to be democratic or respect the human rights of their citizens.”

Muslims are suffering everywhere from this emerging dominance of the United Nations on the definition and enforcement of so-called “human rights”. Not long ago, one “human right” we all took for granted was the right to protect our children from human aberration, such as freedom of gender choice. According to informants, already twenty years ago, or more, giant billboards began springing up in San Francisco advertising gay travel agencies and such, with big pictures of same-sex affection. Children were heard to ask, “Why are those two men patting each other’s heads, Daddy?” Homosexual elementary school teachers were allowed in California schools, as long as they did not actually touch their pupils.

Businesses of selling children of poor people to gay or lesbian couples in Normal Heights, near San Diego, emerged without legal restriction. As George Bush’s vice-president said, “Everyone has the right to have a family.” Formal adoption laws were set aside, and public billboards advertised, “Sell Your Baby”.

And now our own neighbouring Muslim country – in fact the largest Muslim population – Indonesia, became the birthplace of the 2006 Yogyakarta Principles, regarded as one of the most important documents when it comes to fighting for “equal rights of LGBT people”, which ultimately pave the way for legalization of same-sex marriages.

The problem may include the wording of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights itself, although whose cultural milieu was as we remembered it from years past, based, in other words, on the sanctity and centrality of the nuclear family in the progress of human civilization.

But the problems also began to arise when the deviants began insisting on a re-definition of the Declaration’s otherwise conservative language to include their own perversions, and then the failure of Muslims (especially after 9/11) to effectively warn the non-Muslim, secular world. A recent best-selling novel has described entry level sophistication in the secular world as necessitating rejection of all religion and espousal of the human mind’s assumed capacity to regulate human behaviour better than any religious tradition, revealed or not.

Indeed, in the corrupted minds of the secular people, Revealed Religion is considered to be a symptom of schizophrenia, and historical descriptions of the Prophet Muhammad’s experiences while receiving verses of the Holy Qur’an over a twenty-year period are usually considered to be a form of mental illness. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has endorsed exactly such a judgment in another recent popular novel, and even an Iranian author has written a work entitled “Cultural Schizophrenia — Islam Meets the West”.

If the recent 2013 Malaysia’s Universal Periodic Review of human rights records is any indication, it will need something like political martyrdom to insist on the Muslims’ right to follow their own revealed scriptures in the matter of “human rights”. And yet even a cursory reading of, such as, Surah Hud, states the Muslim case with perfect clarity. Same-sex behaviour of any sort will be punished severely as time goes on. Even the wife of the Prophet Hud was punished. Therefore, we Muslims are now in the position of unwanted saviours of the secular world’s “going to hell in a hand basket”, as the English language idiom puts it.

“Liberal” Muslim resistance to this Qur’anic position, starting with Malaysia’s own opposition politics and recent grouping of COMANGO, including a few “liberal Muslim NGOs“, will need complete hypocrisy to implement, even in the name of neighbourly relations of Muslims with others.

An adversarial confrontation even between Muslim groups, not to mention the secular world, seems to be inevitable.

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