My resignation as PPMM’s vice president

I express my utmost gratitude to Allah SWT for giving me the strength and wisdom to undertake such a heavy responsibility throughout these years to serve as the Muslim Lawyers Association of Malaysia (PPMM)’s vice president.

It has been personally rewarding; I have truly felt welcome and accepted, and the PPMM exco members have been close friends to me. It was thus with a very heavy heart that I have submitted my official letter of resignation as PPMM’s vice president, effective immediately.

My reasons for making this decision are plentiful and personal, and I would respectfully request that questions will not be asked of me about these reasons. I will say, however, that the result of these various influences is that I am forced to focus on my law firm, which has long been neglected due to my hectic involvement in NGO work over the past many years.

I have learned and reflected a lot in the time that I have served PPMM thus far, and I do sincerely hope that in my minor role I have done well and have helped pavé the way for PPMM’s achievements in the last few years. I will be readily available over the course of the next month to make sure a seamless transition as a new vice president is selected at the forthcoming AGM, as per the rules expressed in PPMM’s constitution.

It has been an honour serving PPMM, and it pains me to leave, but it is something that I must do. I wish PPMM all the best moving forward.

Yours faithfully,

Azril Mohd Amin |31 January 2014 | Putrajaya

2 responses

  1. Assalamualaikum Uncle Azril,
    I am sure that your sacrifice all this while for PPMM was fruitful and Insyaallah, blessed by Allah. It is not easy to find a great lawyer who can write at the same time like Uncle. But Uncle, if you are going to be less active in NGOs, will we be seeing you less often?

  2. Waalaikumussalam,

    Dear Aeshah,

    Not to worry. InshaAllah after this, I will be looking forward to continuing working in human rights research, in my role as MuslimUPRo’s Chairman. I believe I have a lot more I can contribute with my experience over the years, either in the academic area or advocacy. And I will certainly spend more time at my law firm and with my children.

    Please keep me in your doa.


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