Thank you Allah, for the countless blessings upon us

Children are indeed an immense blessing. They are a constant reminder of Allah’s blessings upon us.

When we were very young, weeks take too long, a month seems like forever, and years are just too large to gauge. As we grow older, those years go by in the blink of an eye.

Our baby boy, Umar Khalif was born almost three years ago; I can remember so clearly looking down at the almond-eyed boy Allah had blessed us with. I can so clearly recall bringing him home from the hospital with the mom, and him meeting all his siblings. He is now already running around in the house, leading the screams and giggles that sometimes deprive us the parents from our much-needed sleep. Indeed, time flies so fast.

Each of our kid is so different, with their own personality, their own quirks, and their own “exceptionality”. Our eldest son Ammar Luqman has been a charmer since the day he was born. And he was the baby who was baby of the extended family for the longest time. So, it may be possible that is a little spoiled. He makes us laugh daily with his antics, or his looks, or his playing. He eats everything we put in front of him. He is loved by his siblings, and cousins; and even happier to entertain his friends. He loves to read and that is one good thing which I hope he will persevere in his life.

He is a good big brother to Khadeeja Nasyrah who is a good big sister. She is the princess in the family, (well Raihana too) and adores her dolly very much. It is often Khadeeja that Umar our youngest child wants to tuck her in, or who is his favourite sister.

Raihana Nasyrah is the sunshine, smiling always but when she cries her beautiful nose will all turn red and the day will turn gloomy with her tears. This often happens when she messes up with baby brother Umar Khalif.

Umar is baby number four. The baby that according to ‘modern preconceptions’, is too many. The baby that made us from a ‘large family, into a too-big family’, according to some. Imagine if we would have listened. If my wife would have stopped after three, or even worse, two, like “modern couples” are supposed to do. We can’t imagine our life without that, straight-bouncy hair, and almond-eyed, smiling little boy.

Alhamdulillah. We have been blessed. So Blessed. Dear Allah, please keep my family, friends and loved ones safe. Please watch over them always and let good health, happiness and blessings befall them. Please give us the strength to follow the path of Your messenger, Rasulullah (May Allah sends blessings and peace upon him).

Azril Mohd Amin


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