Gaza: What is in Front of Us to Do?

Dear Family & Friends,

I believe that many of us have been emotionally disturbed over the atrocious acts of violence being committed by Israeli forces against innocent civilians, particularly children, in Gaza, Palestine. More than that, personally I have been disturbed by the apathetic response from the majority of the Muslim countries, not to mention OIC’s deafening silence and IPHRC‘s inaction. It makes me feel very lonely, which has only added to my feelings of powerlessness.

But I believe none of us are helpless. Every dua, every second we take out of our busy schedules to think of all those children who are in a great agony, every contribution we seek and send, every twitter update, photo, video we share, every tear we shed, every campaign we start, every time we spread knowledge, we spread the truth. We make a difference. It is akin to a small pebble dropped in still waters, every act creates ripples to an unknown end.

What is in front of us to do? Over the blessed month of Ramadan, millions were raised to help the people of Gaza. Your generosity is crucial. Many NGOs have also launched their campaigns and we, as part of the Malaysian public, should help. We can take part in this small sponsorship initiative I’m starting.

“Sponsorship” means the commitment of any sponsor to give an annual sum of RM1, 200-00 that very minimally helps the “mother” to keep her family together as an intact family unit. These kids then attend kindergartens that are run by NISCVT in Lebanon, with funding from NGOs from Europe, Japan and other countries. They also run NGO-funded dental clinics, vocational centres, etc. This money offers financial support for education, healthcare, and livelihood. I will sponsor one child but would like to raise money to sponsor at least 3 more children. If we reach our goal of RM4, 800-00 we will be able to sponsor four orphan children.

Upon achievement of our goal, I will take the raised funds and make a donation, for everyone who has contributed, to NISCVT. Please note that I do not work for or am I affiliated with NISCVT; I am just a supporter of their noble mission and work.

I will post a receipt from NISCVT once the donation has been made and I will share the photos and background of each orphan once I receive that information. The donors will have opportunities to exchange letters with the children and check their progress in schools from time to time.

Every ringgit counts, so let us help these children in their time of need. These children are the bravest souls I have ever seen, but they shouldn’t have to be forced into such bravery.

If you want to get involved, or would like further information, please send an email to

Azril Mohd Amin │ 15 Syawal 1435

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