2014: Postscript


I received my annual blogging report from WordPress. Although I don’t have a benchmark to compare popular blogs, 27,000 views seem a lot to me. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all my subscribers and other readers who randomly stopped by. Other than founding CENTHRA, this can be my other achievement in 2014.

My limited blogging experience in the past several years has been very interesting indeed. I have learnt that communication in the blogging world is as fragile as in the real world. Some bloggers I follow do not blog any more or their blogs suddenly become inaccessible. Some of my followers ended their subscription and stopped to comment, they just disappeared from the cyber world. I noticed some negative comments – naive, unrealistic, ignorant are the keywords. 

This blog was started a few years ago to archive my writings on issues close to my heart. From the beginning I never cared much about those WordPress statistics or others’ perception of the website. No matter you like it or not, or no matter how insignificant it is in the eyes of the public, my journey will still continue this way. But after all these years, I wonder what I can improve when moving forward. Self-hosting, connecting to Twitter, more variety of tagging and post categories, better writing skills. Or even closing it down. These are all possibilities I’m considering.

If you have any opinions or ideas about topics you would like me to explore, please comment below and I’ll try my best to work on them in my free time. This does not have to be a blog with 1 million page views, but I hope this blog will be great for you and me.


I somehow got reminiscing of late about a time back with someone dear to my heart, between secondary school and just right after entering the working world. Remembering the old times makes me somehow feel so old. Truly, maybe not so much that I am old now as that we were young back then. I fervently hope to hold on to at least a few such memories as something warm to look back on with melancholy and gratitude, as I slowly expand my time in this transitory world and drift ever further from such ‘perfect’ youthfulness.

Obviously I am seeing the event through the rose-tinted glasses of retrospect and life was not so carefree and idyllic even back then, but I still remember that to be a truly beautiful moment, the likes of which I have not experienced in a very long time.

That person and I are now very different people with no lingering chance of even a friendship. Too much has happened since then, there has been too much hypocrisy, pain and betrayal. And even if there had not, I could feel we had forced it upon ourselves that we no longer have anything in common to discuss.

Still, for that phase of our lives our separate paths came together and we traveled as one for a way.


“Life does not get easier, you just get stronger” a well-known saying says. I wish everyone all the best for 2015. May Allah grant us the strength, happiness and success in this dunya, and greatest happiness and success in the akhirah. Allahuma aamiin.

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