As we head into 2015

All of us long for a Human Rights environment that will be loving and inclusive bereft of millions of stateless or hungry people. Muslims, would add to that a wish that it be shariah-compliant; yet so often we are blamed for Human Rights abuses, as are other ethnic and religious groups, which is only a red herring and not the problem. The problem is first one of political and economic dysfunction. It would seem that most Human Rights difficulties derive ultimately from unjust economics and income inequality, as recognized by top commentators.

Islam is elegantly complete and satisfying to its followers and can be for all humankind, if applied uniformly. In the year 2015, we are facing a plan to force all world currencies into a value-lock based on the US Dollar should the Bank of Settlements – an agency of the IMF – in Geneva gets its way. And so we must pray this will not occur, or in any case, that the Malaysian Ringgit will be up-valued sufficiently as against the dollar to survive the loss of economic sovereignty that will inevitably occur. Today, the Bank Negara intervenes to sustain the Ringgit at right levels vis-à-vis the dollar on a daily basis. A quick check of daily, quarterly and yearly charts verifies this, as well as the impact of changing commodity prices. Under the proposal, such interventions may not survive.

And, as Muslims know, we need currencies based on real commodities, such as those listed in the Prophet’s own Hadith. Was it only a coincidence that both Abraham Lincoln and J. F. Kennedy were assassinated soon after attempting to assure such a global economic change? The IMF calls this projected action a “re-set”. Global currencies based on fiat money (i.e., paper money) only lead to electronic banking and the increasing poverty of the poor and greater income inequality, which is indeed the cause of all that terrorism so sadly blamed on the politically radical elements of the Muslim Ummah.

Indeed, we already have sound sociological research that correlates “national average happiness” ONLY with a decrease in the gap between the rich and the poor (and nothing else), as would be guaranteed in the diligent implementation of a universal “Zakat” system, and other Muslim economic principles, and most emphatically NOT the Western banking model, based on Interest and Usury, which has caused horrible consequences in the past 100 years: the Great Depression of the 30’s and the Great Recession of the past decade. One of the great consequences of these two periods was human beings could not get the basic Human Rights of life security (food and safety) and liberty of endeavour (education and self-chosen work).

We Muslims would like to stop losing public flights. Psychiatrists report a quickly growing “fear of flying” since the first enigmatic Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 simply disappeared from the face of the earth, and two more flights. MH17 and QZ8501 since then have been totally demolished by either hotly contested causes or terrible weather.

We would like trumped-up charges to stop being flung at our national leaders, although of course psychiatrists will also describe political leadership as necessarily dealing with persons close to “borderline criminal psychosis”. Leadership requires morality and ethics, as well as following Islāmic governmental principles (such as consultation and consent of the governed) as well as economic ones. Where are these leaders that we so desperately need? And how can they satisfy the dream of the good governance and the Sunnah of the Prophet at the same time that says no one who aspires too much to leadership qualifies?

Some integration of Islāmic values with economic progress for all must be established, by whomever and by whatever means — popular leadership (as in Malaysia today), or scholarly endeavour. This would meet some of the “gate-keeping questions” on the Day of Judgment when queried about our good and bad deeds. Perfect Justice can never be achieved in the world alone. Without a decent respect for the Afterlife, justice can never be understood to be even possible. So we cannot realize our human longings without a unanimous and rock-solid acceptance of the Afterlife, and its nearness to worldly life. The Qur’an repeats this refrain over and over — those in heaven will simply look over to those in hell, and vice-versa. We are at a turning point on many issues important to the future of humanity. Allah will judge us on all of them, and our respect for our fellow human beings.

And we do indeed pray for the protection of Allah SWT for our Malaysian efforts to more closely achieve these ends in 2015.

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