CENTHRA welcomes OIC policies on terrorism

CENTHRA welcomes OIC policies on terrorism

Issued on the sidelines of the 7th Annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights & Democracy | 24 February 2015 | Centre International de Conférences Geneva (CIGC)

On Rabiul Akhir 26, 1436 (February 15, 2015), the Executive Committee of the Organization of Islāmic Cooperation (OIC) reiterated its unabated determination to stand steadfast against extremism and terrorism in all their forms. As the leading principle of its statement, the OIC categorically rejects any attempt to link terrorism with any country, ethnic group, religion, culture, or nationality.

The OIC has called on all parties in terrorist-implicated conflicts to seek restoration of political processes without the use of force or violence. In particular, the OIC supports the GCC initiative and its executive mechanism, including the outcomes of the comprehensive national dialogue and the UN Security Council Resolution No. 2140 in 2014.

The OIC meeting lauded the efforts being exerted by OIC member states to face international terrorism, and expressed profound concern about the situation in the following areas: the continuing violations of the human rights by Israel of the Palestinian people throughout the Gaza strip and other occupied territories; the brutal crimes committed by the ISIS heresy against the people of the territories of Syria and Iraq; the unilateral measures taken by the Houthi group to impose a status quo in Yemen; terrorist acts in Afghanistan, those orchestrated in Libyan and Egyptian cities, and all such acts committed by Boko Haram, ISIS, and al-Qaeda.

The operative part of the resolution states in part: The OIC calls on the world community to hold an international conference to combat terrorism. The priorities of this conference should be given to agreement on a definition of the term “terrorism”, the reasons behind the phenomenon, the politicization of sectarian differences and identity, the use of terrorism to promote “hidden” political agendas, the expanding use of “hacking” for electronic terrorism, and the benumbing role of the public entertainment media with biased or inadequate reportage, as well as electronic entertainment scenarios focusing in unrealistic ways on acts of terror and violence.

Further, it calls for activation of the UN-sponsored International Center for Combating Terrorism to coördinate international efforts to fight the plague. Participants lauded the contribution of $110 million by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support the activities of the center to eradicate poverty and unemployment in the world. Terrorism is executed by those who have felt for too long that they have “nothing to lose”. The Secretary General of the OIC was requested to arrange and hold a number of workshops, symposia, seminars, and other activities to help carry out the recommendations of this meeting.

The Centre for Human Rights Research & Advocacy (CENTHRA) recognises the OIC’s role in making a valued contribution to fostering international peace and security, as CENTHRA’s own Charter mandates. CENTHRA joins fully in the OIC call for these initiatives to combat terrorism, and to encourage the benefits of deeper coöperation with Civil Society Organisations.

Only a truly global analysis and response to the deteriorating conditions of modern public life can hope to reverse this trend in the 21st century, and each government must form and heed bodies of scholars and experts, including entities such as NGOs and IGOs patterned after Malaysia’s CENTHRA, which have always strived to be in the forefront of predicting adverse conditions in the future due to mistaken policies in the present.

Azril Mohd Amin | Chief Executive, CENTHRA | rue de Varembé, Geneva


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