New York Times Op-Ed Undermines Rohingya Activists

New York Times Op-Ed Undermines Rohingya Activists

Editor, New York Times (

New York Times Op-Ed Undermines Rohingya Activists

Dear Editor,

David Mathieson’s Op-ed, “The Lady and the Rohingya” (1/16/17), instead of being a balanced presentation of the challenges faced by Suu Kyi in addressing the Rohingya persecution obfuscates the matter by undermining the work of Rohingya activists.

By discrediting the two largest Rohingya media outlets, Rohingya Blogger and Rohingya Vision, Mathieson silences Rohingya voices addressing their own persecution. The two outlets have been instrumental in verifying reports of crimes due to their network of contacts among Rohingya “on the ground.”

Mathieson lends credence to the rejected Burmese government talking point that the Rohingya plight is exaggerated. 22 Nobel Prize Winners have called for an end to what they describe as “ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.”

Investigations by Yale Law School, Fortify Rights, Queen Mary University have come to similar conclusions: the Rohingya are enduring a genocidal process. For this reason it is not “an obsession out of proportion with the scale of the problem” as Mathieson blithely writes.

The Rohingya deserve better than for a human rights activist to dismiss their activists when they are needed the most.


Azril Mohd Amin | Lawyer & CEO, CENTHRA

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