International Tribunal on Oppression of Rohingya in KL, this September


KUALA LUMPUR, July 4 (Bernama) – Kuala Lumpur will host the concluding session of the Permanent People’s Tribunal (PPT) on the persecution of ethnic Rohingya, Kachin and other minority groups in Myanmar, at Universiti Malaya from Sept 18 to 22.

PPT Malaysia Chapter chairman Dr Chandra Muzaffar said the hearing, the first ever being held on the Rohingya, would be crucial as it aimed to send a clear message to the world’s governments and civil societies, especially in the ASEAN region, on the atrocities faced by the Rohingya in their homeland, and the urgent need for action to stop them.

The Rome-based PPT held its first proceeding on the matter at Queen Mary University of London in March, this year.

“The United Nations and ASEAN should take effective measures to stop the human rights violations against the ethnic Rohingya and Kachin minorities in Myanmar,” he said at a press conference, here, today.

“ASEAN member states too can no longer ignore the crisis as it will have a negative impact on the region.”

He said the panel of jurors at the coming PPT session would comprise internationally outstanding public figures with the relevant expertise, while its findings would be presented to the public.

Reports from the proceeding will also be submitted to the United Nations and ASEAN governments and the UN fact-finding mission team which was denied entry into Myanmar last month to carry out its investigation.

Meanwhile, Centre for Human Rights Research and Advocacy (CENTHRA) chief executive, Azril Mohd Amin said 30 Rohingya refugees would be testifying on the oppression and atrocities against them by the Myanmar government, at the tribunal.

“There is sufficient evidence of human rights violations against the Rohingya in Myanmar and we hope that through this tribunal, it will encourage more concrete steps to be taken to stop the tyranny,” he said, adding that prior to this, his team had also compiled interviews and testimonials from 300 Rohingya refugees currently residing in Malaysia.

Chandra said as a prelude to the session,  a series of talks and forums would be held to raise awareness among the civil society about the issue.


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