Memorandum of Protest to the Vatican Envoy to Malaysia

Memorandum of Protest

PRESENTED by [Islamic Non-Governmental Organizations] on 19th day of July 2013, to the Vatican Embassy at Jalan U Thant, Kuala Lumpur;

AGAINST the content of an interview by the Vatican Envoy to Malaysia, Archbishop Joseph Marino, for supporting the local Catholic Church on the use of the word “Allah”. Continue reading

New Book: Gatherings of Illumination in Sending Blessings upon the Best of Creation

The following is from a mailing list I belong to:

The translation of Majalis al-Nur fi Salati ala al-Rasul or Gatherings of Illumination in Sending Blessings upon the Best of Creation (authored by Samar al-Asha and translated by Feryal Salem) is complete and available for purchase. Please support the work of our dear scholars by getting a copy and sharing the link with your contacts. All profits will go towards the Nur Foundation for Sacred Sciences and their efforts to provide education in the traditional sciences.

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The Plague Of Sin

Is sin a modern plague? Not really. Many philosophers have observed that the quantum of sin and evil is more or less constant throughout history. Even some verses of Al Qur’an hint that a “demand” for the Day of Judgment would find ALL human souls in a state of unspeakable REMORSE for our sins.

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There is relief and wisdom in hardship

Recently, I had to undergo epidural lysis procedure as a treatment for my back pain due to prolapsed discs.

The procedure was to help decrease chronic low back pain due to adhesions and scar tissue formation. The physician inserts a catheter into the epidural space in order to access the area of adhesions. This is usually done through the caudal canal, which is located at the base of the spine, via the sacral hiatus (quoting the surgeon’s exact words). The sacral hiatus is a natural opening in the spine near the tailbone. Aided by real-time X-ray imaging, the catheter can be seen on the monitor and directed precisely to the affected nerve root. Once the tip of the catheter is in place, medication can be injected to relieve pain at the source and dissipate the scar tissue.

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Expletive Deleted: A Response to Raja Petra Kamaruddin

Malaysiakini commentary : ‘RPK the sailor-man’ riles up ABIM

The Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM) was recently assaulted by Raja Petra Kamaruddin in his Malaysia Today column “No Holds Barred“. A response is in order, with the expletives he has resorted to not included. At threshold, one should note that Muslims and all civilized people are encouraged to rationally and responsibly discuss issues, and discouraged from using inappropriate language. ABIM believes in civilized resolution of conflict, not accusatory statements, especially those without substance and stated in sailor’s language. Continue reading