Timely Advice for Young Muslims

The following article was written by Almarhum Professor Dr. Muhammad Al’ Mahdi. It is a well written piece in a very honest and relating manner. Even though he is not with us still his contribution to some aspects of Islamic education is priceless. May Allah Bless his soul and shower His infinite mercy on him. Alfatihah. Continue reading

A gentle self-reminder

A recent encounter with a long-lost acquaintance (and followed by my wife’s advice – thank you dearie!) reminded me of a story during the lifetime of our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The following is what I am gently reminding myself of over and again.

Through our daily lives, we sometimes unintentionally seek to find people’s faults; but Allah asks us to see the good in them. Whether it is a rebellious ignorant youth, a self-centered celebrity, or arrogant young and inexperienced politicians (whose existence are so prevalent these days), or even a mean old man; But yet Allah asks us to see the good in them.

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