IIUM Forum on Homosexuality

Azril Mohd Amin & Muhammad Husni Mohd Amin
Himpunan Keilmuan Muslim (HAKIM)

Behind terrorism, which is almost exclusively performed by younger Muslims, are various political, economic, and educational factors much in the news lately. What is not recognized is the collapse of gender wisdom in the proliferation of extreme terrorist acts.

“Homosexuality: Crime or Right?” was a recent IIUM forum (April 14, 2012) of such embarrassment that this widespread breakdown of gender philosophy was not even mentioned. Continue reading

The Bible in Malay language – II

One might actually say that there is something wrong in the Prime Minister’s Office. A certain one of his ministers is talking exactly like a Christian preacher. He quotes from the Bible, and even offers an offensive comment that some people “long” for a “total revival” in Malaysia. Doesn’t the PM’s Office know that the term “revival” has a completely different meaning and connotation for Christians than for Muslims? And that the form and format of the Christian “revival” is completely against the Muslim belief? Continue reading