Gaza: What is in Front of Us to Do?

Dear Family & Friends,

I believe that many of us have been emotionally disturbed over the atrocious acts of violence being committed by Israeli forces against innocent civilians, particularly children, in Gaza, Palestine. More than that, personally I have been disturbed by the apathetic response from the majority of the Muslim countries, not to mention OIC’s deafening silence and IPHRC‘s inaction. It makes me feel very lonely, which has only added to my feelings of powerlessness.

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Thank you Allah, for the countless blessings upon us

Children are indeed an immense blessing. They are a constant reminder of Allah’s blessings upon us.

When we were very young, weeks take too long, a month seems like forever, and years are just too large to gauge. As we grow older, those years go by in the blink of an eye.

Our baby boy, Umar Khalif was born almost three years ago; I can remember so clearly looking down at the almond-eyed boy Allah had blessed us with. I can so clearly recall bringing him home from the hospital with the mom, and him meeting all his siblings. He is now already running around in the house, leading the screams and giggles that sometimes deprive us the parents from our much-needed sleep. Indeed, time flies so fast.

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Press Release: Islamic Outreach ABIM hosts ‘WALK FOR CHARITY’ in support of its activities

Kuala Lumpur, 17th June 2010: – A local Non-Governmental Organization, Islamic Outreach ABIM invites Malaysian community members to sign up for their annual “Walk For Charity” event on Sunday July 25 2010 at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. Participants can register by calling 0342569822. Continue reading