Uyghur Chinese Muslims subjected to prejudice

It is true that Chinese Muslims can now perform Hajj in some small numbers. It is also true there are some Chinese-style mosques in certain areas. However, these developments are a “drop in the bucket”; if you consider the Muslim population in China is at least forty million. There must be some “token religious freedom” to get cooperation in business from the western world, hence these few “drops in the bucket” of liberalization. Continue reading

The Uighur Massacre: We don’t need your solidarity Al-Qaeda!

The Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia aligns itself with the rest of the world in condemning the recent unrest in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region caused by the Chinese Government’s mishandling of an alleged delicate internal matter. While we see that the root cause of this problem is simply human greed and arrogance, we strongly feel that there is no justification for the actions by the Chinese government in creating the conditions that caused the conflict and participating in fueling further the recent violence in Urumqi.

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