Christian pretexts for interracial tension

In a statement issued on 21 August 2013, the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur expressed fear that “the controversy over the use of the name ‘Allah’ by Christians could trigger possible violence, fed by vitriolic statements from Islamist movements”. Catholic leaders have accused that the statements “are fomenting racial clashes and creating religious tensions in the country”.  Continue reading

Malaysia’s Internal Religious Harmony

Everyone agrees that a universal ethical ideal is harmony among peoples, especially those who are committed to their respective religion. And yet, some people, in particular after 9/11, now mistrust all “organized religion” as being troublesome on this harmony issue. It is urgent here in Malaysia that our Muslim leaders are seen unanimously to support the right steps taken to guarantee peace and security among the religions represented here, and especially to serve as an example to other Muslim countries of the true meaning of “Ummah“. Continue reading

The Bible in Malay language – II

One might actually say that there is something wrong in the Prime Minister’s Office. A certain one of his ministers is talking exactly like a Christian preacher. He quotes from the Bible, and even offers an offensive comment that some people “long” for a “total revival” in Malaysia. Doesn’t the PM’s Office know that the term “revival” has a completely different meaning and connotation for Christians than for Muslims? And that the form and format of the Christian “revival” is completely against the Muslim belief? Continue reading

Agitating Malay Muslims

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By Shanon Shah | 03 March 2009 | 

OVER the past year, several Malay-Muslim groups have been in the headlines. From lawsuits filed against the DAP‘s Teresa Kok for allegedly insulting Islam, to campaigns responding to the crisis in Gaza, the defence of Islam and Malay rights has occuppied the national attention, sometimes in frightening ways. Just what are these groups about? What motivates them? And do these non-governmental organisations (NGOs), some of which have mushroomed very quickly overnight, really express the will of the majority of Malay Muslims in Malaysia?

Continue reading