On Death: A Personal Reflection

Alfatihah. A dear uncle, Hj. Abu Bakar bin Abdul Aziz, has passed away peacefully recently on the very blessed day of 17 Ramadhan 1435H. May Allah forgive him and raise his rank among the rightly guided, make his grave spacious and illuminate it for him inshaAllah. I visited him last month when he was still recuperating from an open heart surgery he had many weeks before. I have a great respect for Almarhum, a particularly humble and learned man and someone who had made great impact on the lives of so many people. He will be fondly remembered for his keen interest in the traditional Islāmic learning, and his untiring effort to get us involved in many of the family gathering events as well as the study sessions led by scholars with impeccable credentials. Continue reading

Meditations On The Fragility Of Life

The other day, a lecturer in the Kuliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design at IIUM was killed in a freak accident. Eventually, the campus community became aware of the unfortunate mishap, although it took some time. A friend who was on campus at the time had heard nothing about it, until he had left campus later in the evening. This news evidently did not travel very quickly.

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