On Death: A Personal Reflection

Alfatihah. A dear uncle, Hj. Abu Bakar bin Abdul Aziz, has passed away peacefully recently on the very blessed day of 17 Ramadhan 1435H. May Allah forgive him and raise his rank among the rightly guided, make his grave spacious and illuminate it for him inshaAllah. I visited him last month when he was still recuperating from an open heart surgery he had many weeks before. I have a great respect for Almarhum, a particularly humble and learned man and someone who had made great impact on the lives of so many people. He will be fondly remembered for his keen interest in the traditional Islāmic learning, and his untiring effort to get us involved in many of the family gathering events as well as the study sessions led by scholars with impeccable credentials. Continue reading

Have a blessed Ramadhan

I am certain it is clear from my posts the past few weeks, but I have not been writing much, and have not felt an inspiration to do it either. At my law firm, I have put in hard work in keeping up with challenging and demanding times. I am sure that has hindered my drive to write. I know I will come back to this site sooner or later and write again about the issues close to my heart, but now I think it is best to put it out there that I am taking a break.

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The secrets of seeking forgiveness from Allāh

The following is from a mailing list I belong to.

As we are fast approaching the last remaining days of the blessed month of Rajab, please benefit from the attached counsel from Sayyidī al-Habīb `Umar (may Allāh preserve him and benefit us by him) on the secrets of seeking forgiveness from Allāh.

May Allāh not let this month leave without having saved every one of us from the Fire, and may He rectify our state with complete mercy and gentleness.

Please click here to read the full text of the advice.

Returning to Allāh in the month of Rajab

The following is from a mailing list I belong to. According to the Malaysian takwim (Islamic calendar), 1st Rajab 1434 this year falls on Saturday 11th May 2013, inshaAllah.

With the blessed month of Rajab soon upon us, please benefit from the advice delivered by Sayyidī al-Habīb `Umar bin Hafīz (may Allāh preserve him and benefit us by him) on the blessings of Rajab and the realities of repentance.

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This day in History on April 30th

1943 Spain “The Man Who Never Was” 30th April 1943 : “The Man Who Never Was” is pushed into the sea off the coast of Spain where the tide would bring the body ashore into German Hands. This was known as operation “Mincemeat”. The operation was a British deception plan to convince the German High Command that allied forces would be invading the Balkans and Sardinia instead of the island of Sicily, by planting invasion plans on a corpse the Germans would find. The full deception is very complicated but great detail can be found on Wikipedia by searching for “The Man Who Never Was” . The operation was a complete success which makes it even more interesting reading.

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A Brief Musing on Hajj

There is no better place for personal reflections at any given time than the Haram in Makkah. I truly miss those days. The peaceful and breathtaking ambiance in Makkah and Madinah made me realize yet again that we are all lone travellers in this world with one purpose. To a certain extent, Islam asks us to look out for each other, but each individual has a personal limit how far they will go for you and it is subjective. Continue reading

Reflections on Hajj

Islam is really vast, and most of us forget that it extends so far beyond our local communities. The first blessing of Hajj is to remind us of this reality. Another blessing is that, if you must travel the world, you might as well travel to the very gates of heaven and hell. Al Qur’an never dissociates these two ultimate realities, and in Makkah they are also both close to us. Among other things, our Taqwa will increase and we may even become more fearful upon return. There is nothing wrong with this. Continue reading

Uwais Al-Qarani

In a Hadith Qudsi recorded by the Companion Abu Hurayra, may Allah be pleased with him, the Prophet Muhammad (s) said speaking from his Lord:

Allah, Exalted and Mighty is He, loves of His creation the God-fearing, the pure in the heart, those who are hidden, and those who are innocent, whose face is dusty, whose hair is unkempt, whose stomach is empty, and who, if he asks permission to enter to the rulers, is not granted it, and if he were to ask for a gentle lady in marriage, he would be refused, and when he leaves the world it does not miss him, and if he goes out, his going out is not noticed, and if he falls sick, he is not attended to, and if he dies, he is not accompanied to his grave.

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