New Book: Gatherings of Illumination in Sending Blessings upon the Best of Creation

The following is from a mailing list I belong to:

The translation of Majalis al-Nur fi Salati ala al-Rasul or Gatherings of Illumination in Sending Blessings upon the Best of Creation (authored by Samar al-Asha and translated by Feryal Salem) is complete and available for purchase. Please support the work of our dear scholars by getting a copy and sharing the link with your contacts. All profits will go towards the Nur Foundation for Sacred Sciences and their efforts to provide education in the traditional sciences.

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The night preceding eid al fitr


It had been the practice of Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, that he would not sleep in the night preceding the day of Eid-ul-fitr. This night has been named in a Hadith as the Night of Reward (Lailatul Jaiza).

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On the recent pandemonium in Masjid Amru Al-As, Sentul

The recent pandemonium in Masjid Amru Al-As is the direct responsibility of the authority holding back all news on the Anwar case. Technology is freely available to identify the “prominent politician” on that sex tape, yet this information is not released. If the man is NOT Anwar, we need to know NOW. If it IS Anwar, we also need to know. This issue must be buried as it has been the cause of tremendous derision of Malaysia and her “jungle politics”, in many countries of the world. Continue reading