2014: Postscript


I received my annual blogging report from WordPress. Although I don’t have a benchmark to compare popular blogs, 27,000 views seem a lot to me. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all my subscribers and other readers who randomly stopped by. Other than founding CENTHRA, this can be my other achievement in 2014.

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New rally needed against opaque Bar Council elections

Jointly written by Azril Mohd Amin & Faidhur Rahman Abdul Hadi. Published earlier in The Malay Mail Online.

Few would have forgotten, especially amongst lawyers, the position of the Bar Council at the Extraordinary General Meeting called on 11 May 2012, when it passed a resolution that supported Bersih 3.0’s call for free and fair elections and condemned alleged “excessive” and “indiscriminate” police force against the rally organised by Bersih 3.0 earlier. Continue reading

Media Statement: Bar Council must make its stand on ex-judge acting as counsel

Note: The following Media Statement is published with permission and carries with it a total of 21 signatories consisting of lawyers, NGO leaders and social media activists. 

Media Statement – Bar Council must make its stand on ex-judge acting as counsel

29 October 2014

The Malaysian Bar in its Annual General Meeting held on 5 March 2014 passed a resolution prohibiting ex-Judges and other former members of the judiciary from representing clients in our Courts as this would amount to breach of principle and convention at play in Common Law. Continue reading

The new ‘human rights-ism’

Anthony Julius, a Manchester Guardian columnist makes the following comment in his article “Human Rights: the new secular religion:

“This new ‘human rights-ism’ accords great value to the United Nations – notwithstanding its inability to enforce its decisions, and its refusal to make practical demands of its members to be democratic or respect the human rights of their citizens.”

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Don’t let the culture of extravagance rob Ramadhan’s significance

“And eat and drink, but waste not in extravagance, certainly He (Allah) likes not those who waste in extravagance” [Qur’an 7:31]

During one recent Ramadhan in Saudi Arabia, the huge lobby of a hotel had been laid out with tables all set for iftar (the breaking of the fast). Then the thing went on and yet there was no feeling of satisfaction, peace, or fulfillment at all. People simply ate. I asked myself, have these people really been fasting? A certain friend later told me that many of them had not, although they still went through the motions of iftar every evening.

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