Kenyataan Media MuslimUPRo 1 November 2013

Gabungan Pertubuhan-pertubuhan Islam di dalam Proses Semakan Berkala Sejagat ke Geneva, Switzerland (MuslimUPRo)

Dari 17 hingga 31 Oktober 2013, delegasi rasmi MuslimUPRo seramai 16 orang telah berada di Geneva, Switzerland sebagai sebahagian usaha melobi serta menjadi pemerhati semasa sesi UPR Malaysia berlangsung pada 24 Oktober 2013. Seramai 5 ahli delegasi telah ditauliahkan akreditasi pemerhati dengan status konsultansi NGO ECOSOC manakala 11 lagi sebagai pemerhati biasa.

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COMANGO’s siege mentality

It is now less than 8 hours before Malaysia goes under review of her human rights record in the UPR process at the Human Rights Council, Geneva.

I have read an article by Honey Tan of COMANGO’s secretariat (here’s the full link) and, as has happened before, was initially impressed with her commendable writing skills. Then, as has also happened before, I watched her unravel a bit as she descended into ‘emotional’ remarks.

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Malaysia’s 2nd Evaluation under the Universal Periodic Review, 24th October 2013

Malaysia is fast approaching the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) session, to be held on October 24, 2013 at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. There were some reports sent individually to the Council by bodies such as the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the Bar Council, the International Commission of Jurists as well as other human rights-based NGOs. However, the contents of the COMANGO (a coalition of Malaysian NGOs in the UPR process) report form the bulk of the demands contained in the documents used as a point of reference for Malaysia’s human rights record this time around. Continue reading