New opportunities in Malaysia-US relations

The trusteeship for the leadership of the human race had been lost by the Muslims since approximately 1492 CE, when the Catholic forces of Europe both discovered America and took Granada as the last stronghold of the Muslims in Spain.

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Thoughts on Youth & Islamic Leadership

The following notes were initially prepared for the Regional Conference on Islamic Leadership entitled, Islamic Leadership in the Changing ASEAN: Fostering Peace and Development in Manila 26-29 April 2010 Unfortunately I was unable to travel due to unforeseen circumstances. My focus in this short presentation centers around three elements from among the conference objectives. Continue reading

The Golden Mean by Imam Al-Haddad

Know that moderation and steering a middle course are required in all affairs and must be maintained. It has been handed down that “the best of the things are the middle ones”. And, “Moderation, deliberation, and graceful manners are one of twenty-five parts of Prophethood.”

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Sufism: Lessons for our youth

I recently came across an interesting article describing neuro-theology, the purpose of which is to study the neurobiology of religion, to identify the brain’s spirituality circuits, and to explain how it is that some religious rituals have the power to move believers and non-believers alike. Islam has recently come into the purview of this new science.

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