“A Malaysian Spring?”: A Brief Note to our new Minister of Youth

After the conclusion of Malaysia‘s 13th General Election, the general perception now is that reformation or opposition politics has been demonized in Malaysia to a considerable degree, and the youth have been forced on threat of losing their government scholarships, to stay completely out of politics. This is only a compromise solution, which can blow up at any time much as has the Arab youth in the middle East. Continue reading

Conflict of Interest

For over thirty years, “the GOLKAR Umbrella” in Indonesia required all voting parties to register and be monitored by themselves. The result was a “one-party democracy” in which Suharto was usually credited with winning over 90% of any election, as has occurred in many other communist and third-world Muslim governments around the world. Continue reading

Whither Harmony?

There are too many avowed Muslims resisting or even attacking the sincere efforts of uniting the people. As anticipated, following the HIMPUN event, a firestorm of press briefly flared, with the usual hate mongers jumping on the bandwagon, including among Muslims, and demonizing the organizers as religious extremists. The trend among some liberal Muslims now seems to be that anything to do with initiatives to defend Islam must be linked to UMNO or extremists. Continue reading