Myanmar’s Democratic Transition: What Does That Mean For The Persecuted Rohingya?

Myanmar’s Democratic Transition: What Does That Mean For The Persecuted Rohingya?

Full transcript of CENTHRA Chief Executive Azril Mohd Amin’s speech at the One-Day Open Research Conference, South Asian Research Cluster, Wolfson College, Oxford University, 11 May 2016 Continue reading


Hentikan segera pembersihan etnik Rohingya

Sumber terbaru media antarabangsa telah melaporkan pembunuhan tidak kurang 30 orang Rohingya beragama Islam. Menurut laporan Perbadanan Penyiaran Britain (BBC) pada 23 Januari, ketua agensi kemanusiaan Pertubuhan Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu (PBB), Valerie Amos telah menuntut kerajaan Myanmar agar segera membenarkan pekerja bantuan kemanusiaan memasuki kawasan-kawasan krisis dan menggesa penyiasatan bebas dibuat untuk mengetahui sebab pembunuhan tersebut. Manakala presiden Majlis Hak Asasi Manusia Navi Pillay pula telah menuntut penyiasatan segera dilakukan terhadap kejadian pembunuhan tersebut setelah menerima laporan yang berasas mengenai siri pembunuhan orang Islam di Du Chee Yar Tan, salah sebuah perkampungan di Rakhine yang menjadi lokasi terbesar pembunuhan beramai-rami orang Islam. Continue reading

Cabaran meratifikasi konvensyen-konvensyen Hak Asasi Manusia Sejagat

Pada 10 Disember 2013, bersempena dengan Hari Hak Asasi Manusia pada tahun ini, Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia (SUHAKAM), Tan Sri Hasmy Agam, telah membuat kenyataan tentang cabaran yang dikemukakan kepada pegawai kerajaan Myanmar untuk bersaing dengan Malaysia di dalam menandatangani dan meratifikasi konvensyen-konvensyen antarabangsa Hak Asasi Manusia (HAM). Continue reading

Rohingyas: Support the call for Global Day of Action

Why is it that many Muslims never even noticed the Rohingyas until the recent attempts to cleanse them ethnically from Myanmar soil? How is it that the Myanmar opposition leader, recently triumphant in her release from House Arrest, wears a pretty white flower in her hair while she condones the killing of thousands of Rohingyas? Continue reading

The many faces of Genocide

How many instances of attempted genocide have we seen since 1900? Some would say the Turks tried to eliminate the Armenians. The Armenians are sure of it. Hitler admittedly tried to eliminate all Jews from the face of the earth. People did not quite believe him until the actual death camps were discovered. If you stand in one of them, for example Auschwitz in Poland, there can be no question what went on there. There can be no question anything ELSE went on there. It is plain as day. Even then, the world didn’t want to believe it. Continue reading

A Plea for the Rohingyas

Running north to south along the border of Bangladesh, one of the truly forgotten ethnic minority groups of the modern world, the Rohingyas are dying by the thousands. According to witnesses, hundreds of Rohingyas have been turned away by authorities in neighboring Bangladesh after attempting to flee the fighting in boats. The Rohingyas never accepted any other religion than Islam and were never granted citizenship or any other rights along their border with the Buddhist Myanmarese, who don’t want them and have always tried to force them to join the Bangladeshis. Continue reading

Stateless Rohingyas in Malaysia: A Call for Action

Presently in Malaysia there are an acknowledged 8,000 people from Myanmar who are stateless. A large number have applications pending with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to be classified as Refugees. Their applications are still pending action, even after waits in excess of one year. And the number is probably three times that of the known stateless people.

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