The Bible in Malay language

Ideally, making the Bible available to Malaysian Christians should be a “no-brainer”, i.e., nothing there to even think about. Yet, the issue has become a true “tempest in a teapot”.

First, let’s be clear that the Bible, in whatever translation, is a piece of literature. Many people feel that Muslims should read it. A friend related to me of his encounter during an inter-faith visit at a local church, where he was surprised at how compatible the preacher’s sermon was with Muslim belief until a certain point. He further said that as guests in the church, we may always politely dismiss the singing, gender-mixed social seating, and prayer forms. Continue reading

Yes indeed, non-Muslims are welcome in mosques

COMMENT In a suburb of Sydney, Australia, a small yet quite beautiful Turkish-style mosque has been built, following the model of the Sulaimaniye in Istanbul, that is, with library, school rooms, public clinic, canteen, social hall, and so on. There is a big banner in front of the mosque, “Open to All! Please Visit”. Continue reading