CENTHRA welcomes OIC policies on terrorism

CENTHRA welcomes OIC policies on terrorism

Issued on the sidelines of the 7th Annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights & Democracy | 24 February 2015 | Centre International de Conférences Geneva (CIGC)

On Rabiul Akhir 26, 1436 (February 15, 2015), the Executive Committee of the Organization of Islāmic Cooperation (OIC) reiterated its unabated determination to stand steadfast against extremism and terrorism in all their forms. As the leading principle of its statement, the OIC categorically rejects any attempt to link terrorism with any country, ethnic group, religion, culture, or nationality.

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As we head into 2015

All of us long for a Human Rights environment that will be loving and inclusive bereft of millions of stateless or hungry people. Muslims, would add to that a wish that it be shariah-compliant; yet so often we are blamed for Human Rights abuses, as are other ethnic and religious groups, which is only a red herring and not the problem. The problem is first one of political and economic dysfunction. It would seem that most Human Rights difficulties derive ultimately from unjust economics and income inequality, as recognized by top commentators. Continue reading